Good Girl Sex Story: Here’s to Being a Little Bad!

Good Girl Sex Story: Here’s to Being a Little Bad!

If you had asked anyone that knows me, they probably would use the words “nerdy”, “smart” or “good girl” to describe me. Never a little bad.  I was 18 years old and the type of girl who has never put a foot wrong. Always get good grades in school. Have never smoked or drank alcohol. And have always done everything I possibly could to maintain my good girl status.  Things took quite the turn recently when I found myself in a situation very out of the ordinary. My very own good girl sex story. 

Good Girl Sex Story

Every Tuesday evening, I head on down to the local pool and swim laps. It’s been my go to way to unwind for as long as I can remember. On this day, I was feeling particularly in need of some relaxation. It seemed a pretty quiet night apart from the regular trainers.

After jumping in and completing about 20 laps, I was in my zone & feeling great.  Out of nowhere, I bumped into someone who had started swimming in my lane. Scaring the absolute crap out of me as you can imagine. “Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t even see you there” I said to the mysterious figure. Treading water no more than a metre in front of me.

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As he pulled his goggles off.

I was met with the most intense blue eyes I had ever seen.

“That’s totally fine, I should have been more careful” he said with a beaming smile on his face. He was a gorgeous man I guessed was in his 30’s, with tanned skin, dark hair and a sexy five o’clock shadow. I found myself blushing just from looking at him.

“Sorry to take up this lane, the squad team on the other side of the pool make such a racket. So I came over here to avoid them.”

good girl sex story
Sexy Man in the Sea

Wandering Eyes

I thought I may have been imagining it but as he was talking to me, I saw his eyes wandering to my breasts. It wasn’t out of the ordinary to have guys gawking at them. Considering I was a petite size 6 with D cup breasts, they tended to stand out in a crowd!

But what I found unusual about this man looking was that I wanted him to look. In fact I felt I wanted him to do more than that.

“I was just about to head out and jump in the steam room anyway so it’s all yours now” I said ever so sweetly. As I made my way to the ladder.  I was half way up and I turned around to him blatantly staring at my ass with these mad, hungry eyes.

“Ahh there’s no hiding the fact that I was just checking you out now, is there?” he smirked.

“Afraid not” I said, giggling and feeling so exposed. “That’s ok, I’ll just let it be known now then that I think you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“Wow, that’s quite the statement!” I said, feeling my cheeks radiating and my head spinning.  Couldn’t even bring myself to stick around any longer for fear of fainting or saying something ridiculous.  “I better get into the sauna now. See you around” I blurted out as I started to walk away.

“I’m sure you will” he said ever so coolly.

Lying down in the steamy room on my own, I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

My mind beginning to drift into fantasies of the two of us together. Imagining his eyes staring into mine, the feel of his skin. His lips all over my body. I began to get extremely hot & bothered. Not just because I was in the sauna! I could feel my pussy begging to be touched. So I made the daring decision to reach down and give it some attention.

I had convinced myself that I would hear someone entering. And the steam would give me enough of a chance to compose myself before anyone saw me.

Good Girl Gone Bad

When I brought my hand down, I was not surprised to find my pussy was dripping wet with juices from all that fantasizing. I took my time and started to gently stroke my clit. Edging myself to orgasm then stopping suddenly. This was going on for what seemed forever.

I told myself that I would edge 3 more times then allow myself to explode. But things took an interesting turn.

hot girl in the sauna
Getting horny in the Sauna

Just after the first edge, I found myself staring up at the man from the pool with my hand still on my pussy. I hadn’t even heard him come in!!! “Oh my god, I didn’t even hear the door open!!” I shrieked. Pulling my hand away, feeling mortified that he had found me like this.

“I’m not surprised you didn’t hear me, it seems you were occupied” he said.  He reached over to grab my hand.

And put my pussy soaked fingers in his mouth.

Sucking my juices off. “Is this really happening?!” I thought to myself as orgasmic tingles ran up my arm and through my body from where his mouth was on me.

“Mmm, I knew you would taste this good” he said as his eyes rolled back into his head in a blissed-out fashion. I felt surges of orgasmic waves course from my pussy up my entire body watching him taste me. Figured from this very forward act that he wasn’t mortified. But pleased that he now knew that every time she sees you she gets wet. So decided that I could relax enough to allow it to unfold.

To be continued…

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