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Oral Sex Guide

Oral Sex Guide

This is the good girl Oral Sex Guide. Cunnilingus and blow jobs can be a pleasurable experience for both the giver and the receiver. It will take time to develop oral sex skills as you learn what is pleasurable.

oral sex guide
Licking Sexy Lips

Tips for a Great Blow Job

  • Tease Him

Slowly run your hands over his mound with light delicate touches. Tease him, be gentle with your movements. Get him to take his clothes off. Massage his inner thigh area and run a finger or nail down his body. Gently touch his nipples and lick them if he enjoys them being stimulated. Cup his balls and gently massage them. Kiss down his neck and stomach.

  • Stimulate the Penis Head

The most sensitive part of his penis is the head and his frenulum which contains the most nerve endings. Lightly caress your lips against it teasing him that you are about to pleasure his cock. Gently suck, swirl and flick his penis head and frenulum.

  • Cock Ring

Hold the base of his penis around with your finger and thumb. Your finger and thumb will act as a cock ring, which will trap his blow flow inside his erection making his erection become harder, longer lasting and bigger. He will enjoy seeing his erection at its maximum size.

  • Give Him Long Licks and Go Deeper

When you are ready you can give him long licks from the base of his penis to the very tip. Place your mouth on his penis and gently go down and up. You can use slight suction if you would like but keep it limited. Keep your teeth away from his erection at all times.

  • If He Can’t Fit Your Mouth

If you can’t take his whole erection in your mouth or you don’t want to. Wrap a hand around the base of his erection, jerk his shaft with the movements of your mouth.

  • Make Eye Contact

Make eye contact during the blow job, this will give him visual stimulation that you really want to pleasure his penis with your mouth. It will also display a level of sexual confidence which will make him very turned on.

  • Moan

When you are giving a blow job you can make moaning noises that will send vibrations down his shaft.

  • Give Him Control

You can grab his hands and place them on your head so he can control how he deeply and how fast he would like the blow job to be. If he gets to passionately involved and it gets too much for you, pull your head away and ask him to be gentle.

  • Provide Rhythm

People find it easier to orgasm if there is a certain rhythm to the blow job.

  • Gently Suck

If it gets to monotonous perform an 8 ball blow job on him which involves places your lips over the tip of his penis and giving 7 shallow sucks followed by 1 deeper suck. Then performing 6 shallow sucks followed by 2 deeper sucks.

  • Add Flavour

Flavoured lubricants such as Wicked, Kama Sutra, Wet Stuff and Id Lube will add a hint of flavour. Lubricant can be used for oral sex or hand jobs only but is not recommended for penetrative sex. If you would like additional protection of STI’s you can buy flavoured condoms like Naked Flavours 12 Pack so you have an assortment to choose from.

  • Take a Break

You may need to take a break from giving the blow job to avoid neck, head or jaw pain. You can continue on with foreplay or get him to give himself a hand job whilst you display how you pleasure yourself or how sexually you can touch your body.

  • Rehydrate

If you are prone to dehydration you can keep a glass of water nearby in case you need to take a sip. The cool liquid will also bring a cold sensation to your blow job.


This is clitoral stimulation of the clitoris or vulva. Cunnilingus increases sexual arousal levels, self-lubrication levels and promotes relaxation. In some cases, if you provide pleasurable oral sex, penetrative sex can last a shorter amount of time.

Tips for the Best Cunnilingus

  • Tease Her

Before you begin oral make her really want it by teasing her. Begin by kissing her passionately on her lips, neck and body. Move down her body and position yourself comfortably between her legs. Ensure your arms are in a good position to massage her body, breasts and nipples when you are giving oral.

  • Start Slowly

Be slow and gentle as the clitoris has a large amount of nerve endings making it sensitive and she may not be fully aroused yet. Begin slowly licking in larger circles and work your way into the middle. If she isn’t fully aroused, the clitoris could be too sensitive for strong flicks. Work towards a steady pace that does not stop.

  • Pace Yourself

Some women enjoy a completely steady and unchanging clitoral stimulation whereas other women completely adore not knowing what to expect. Ask her what she prefers.

  • Pay Attention

Pay attention to what she enjoys and ask her what she likes during oral sex. You can get her to apply pressure onto your hand/head or listen to the moaning or heavy breathing she makes when you do something she enjoys. When you find something she thoroughly enjoys do not discontinue or abruptly modify what you are doing. Settle on this method and do not stop until she orgasms or asks you to modify what you are doing.

  • Adapt to Change

She may like something one day and not enjoy it the next. On a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis you may need to change your oral technique. She might enjoy a different type of movement, pressure or speed.

  • Easy Oral

The easiest way to give oral is to keep your tongue soft, forgiving and totally level. Lick upwards, downwards or side to side on the vulva and clitoris.

  • Spell the Alphabet

For fun, spell the alphabet with your tongue. Find the letter’s that she most enjoys and stick to them. Repeat the letter until she asks you to change up your style. You can also give light suction on her clitoris.

  • Lift the Clitoral Hood

You can lift up the clitoral hood to find more directly stimulate the clitoris with your tongue.

  • G-Spot Massage

Place a finger inside her vagina to massage her G-Spot. Begin by gently massaging it and get her to tell you when she wants more this can help build up the orgasm further.

  • Display Affection

After she has reached orgasm you can relax with her and give her a hug if you wish. Ask her how you went, what she like and how you can improve for the future.

More importantly, if you find something which she likes you can do it for next time.