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First Time Sex Guide

Questions To Ask Before You Have Sex

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you have sex.

  • Are you prepared to have sex?

Determining whether to have sex for the very first time is a large event. The first question you ask yourself is “Am I Prepared For Sex?”. Being ready for sex is a personal decision. Only you can answer this question, no one can answer this question for you.

  • Did you really want to have sex?

It is important to be honest and clear with your personal views of whether you would like to have sex. If you have a gut feeling that you shouldn’t, that is a warning sign that you are not ready to have sex.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of having sex?

Write on a pieces of paper your advantages and disadvantages of having sex to keep a clear view of your thoughts.

  • Does having sex impact your values or go against who you are?

Think about the moral and ethical foundation of your personality. Will having sex at the time reflect who you are?

  • Does having sex impact your education or career goals?

Will having sex hinder you progressing for your short term or long term goals?

  • Will you experience emotional or physical problems if you have sex?

Our emotions can play a big role during and after sex. If you are not mentally prepared for sex, you may need to wait until you feel comfortable.

  • Is somebody coercing you to have sex?

If you feel pressured or forced to have sex, don’t have sex!

  • Do your family and friends support your decision?

If your family or friends don’t support you having sex for the first time you should ask yourself why they don’t. Maybe they have a completely logical view.

  • Would you like to be in a committed relationship for your first sexual experience?

Do you love, respect and trust the person you want to have sex with?Does the person you want to have sex with love, respect and trust you? If you don’t have positive feelings for them or they don’t have positive feelings for you, having sex could have a negative emotional impact.

  • Is your partner ready to have sex?

Find out whether your partner would like to have sex to.

  • Have you Found out more about sexual intercourse?

Speak to a friend, a family member or a health care provider about having sex for the first time.

  • Are You Using Contraception?

If you are ready for sex, you should be able to talk to a general practitioner about a contraception guide. If you have a contraception method in place you can begin considering having sex.

  • Did you want to have sex because everyone else is having sex?

Sometimes people can feel peer pressured into having sex because they feel left out.

Two People Dry Humping
Photo: Sex Guide – Dry Humping


The first step engaging in sex is beginning with womens foreplay tips. Foreplay can range from stripping, kissing, massaging, mutual masturbation, oral sex and dry humping. With foreplay it is best to take things slowly and last as long as you both need it to.

Foreplay will let your body get ready for sexual intercourse as women will develop natural lubrication whilst men will become erect. Take your time with discovering what foreplay is with your partner. If this is your first time, a lot of people can remain in foreplay for weeks or months before they even consider penetrative sex.


Once you are both aroused, use your hand to guide the penis into the vagina. It takes a couple of times to find the entrance and work out how to insert the penis without discomfort. If you are finding it to be uncomfortable or to painful use some lubricant on the penis as well as on the entrance to your vagina.

To begin with.

You may only want to put the tip of his penis inside so you can get used of the feeling. You can move your bodies slowly and gently until the vagina begins to expand to fit his penis. Make sure what you do feels good and if it feels uncomfortable say something. Ask each other questions to make sure you are both going okay.

If it is a woman’s first penetrative sexual encounter she may bleed during or after sex. This happens when a piece of skin called the hymen breaks. It is a thin piece of skin covering the vagina’s entrance.

Sex Positions

The best sex positions for intimacy and first time sex is traditional missionary or reverse missionary. Missionary are sex positions that give you control over the sexual experience whilst being able to display passion.

Traditional Missionary

Missionary sex is when the woman lies down and the man is lying on top.

Reverse Missionary

When a man lies down and the women is lying on top.

Doggy Style

If you are ready to have some sexual fun with experimentation doggy style is a great position to hit the G-Spot.

Table Top

Woman lies on a table. The man holds your legs vertically in the air as he penetrates you.

The Spoon

If you are your partner are sleepy or just in the mood for sexual intercourse with not much effort. Spoon sex position can meet your needs. He spoons you and enters you from behind. Can kiss your neck and talk into your ear.

Lap Dance

He sits on a chair that has no arm rests and no sides. You lower yourself backwards into him. If your feet don’t touch the ground you will need to use heels.

The Quickie

The woman sits on a surface level to his penis. Wrap your legs around his waist.

After sometime of experimenting with movements and sex positions, you will both find select ones that give you more sexual pleasure. Pleasurable sensations can lead to either of you to come or reach a climax. Sometimes during sex you may not be able to reach a climax especially if it your first time.