The Good Girls Thoughts On Tenga!

The Good Girls Thoughts On Tenga!

From the moment I started looking at the top 10 affordable sex toys, I’ve always been drawn to the Iroha + series. These are my thoughts on Tenga. Not only are they uniquely beautiful to look at but they are incredibly soft and I’ve been itching to try one to review for you guys.

Well, today is that day guys – so here we go!

Thoughts On Tenga

Iroha is the female spin off of the brand Tenga. Tenga is a Japanese brand, famous for their male masturbators range as well as lubricants. If you’ve been to our stores I can guarantee you’ve bought or at least seen one of the Tenga products we have in store.

Tenga was established in 2005 headed by Koichi Matsumoto who worked previously as an auto mechanic. I did not know this range was created by Tenga. This series of toys is designed for women, despite and they are seriously so incredibly beautiful. Interestingly enough, the word tenga is Japanese noun meaning, ‘arranged with elegance’.

So you will always know you’re getting amazing products from the Tenga company.

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About The Tenga Iroha Series

Iroha website markets these toys as a necessary item to fulfilling one’s best life. Incorporating the use of these products into your everyday life, like going for a run and eating well.

Here at Adultsmart, we can attest to the philosophy that frequent orgasms are definitely a part of creating a well-rounded and happy life.

There are three products in the Iroha + series.

  • Yoru.
  • Tori.
  • Kush.

They are shaped similar to a small black whale, a pretty pink bird and a white seashell. These products have a very obvious Japanese aesthetic and influence to them. From name to shape and design.

tenga review
Tenga Iroha Female Sex Toys

Tenga Review

I seriously wish you could all be here to experience the amazingness of this product. First and foremost, this range is all made with body safe silicone. So, of course you are encouraged to use water based lubricants to extend the life of your toy.

I had the Yoru, a little black whale like shape that I could barely stop touching to put down to write this review. It’s marketed as super soft silicone. But nothing quite prepares you for how soft and almost silky it is.  Vibration offers a nice powerful, rumbly vibration which is also ridiculously quiet.

Yoru is also palm size for quick and easy maneuvering for ultimate pleasure without difficultly! These products are also water proof so your toy can get as wet as you do!

Tenga is a sex toy
Tenga Adult concepts

Charging Station

One of the key features of these products is that they do not look like adult sex toys. To charge them you place them on a small dock which kind of looks like a small platform and doubles as storage.  Dock plugs into a USB port, whether that is a wall adaptor, your phone or computer.

You could have this charging in your room and it would not look like a sex toy to the untrained eye. It would look reminiscent of a small piece of contemporary art.

Recharge time is 120 mins for full battery and the products run on full power for approximately 60 minutes. Trust me; you won’t need it on full power for 60 whole minutes! These products are also non-porous as well as dust resistant. So you can sleep safely knowing your toys are not gathering dust while they are not in use.

And therefore not being slowly damaged by dust particles.

Final Tenga Thoughts

Overall, the price sting did hurt me a little but I soon forgot about money when I got my new Yoru home, I liked the super movable lip to squeeze and release for full control over the pressure being administered. User-friendly, two button operation is mighty helpful. As there is less to fiddle around with and less to potentially bump mid action.

Features mentioned above are well worth the price tag and I know it doesn’t feel it at the register but it will later on in bed. I am equally interested in trying the Tori and Kushi now to have a complete set of these beautiful toys. There are not as many functions as I thought there would be. Rather there are more intensities over rhythms.

These toys are ergonomic meets simplistic but in a modern and yet arty way.  Three toys often different benefits based on your preference of masturbation style. I would recommend this to product to customers. Come into your local adult lifestyle store and discuss with the friendly staff which Iroha is right for you.