Anal Sex Guide – 10 Ultimate Tips for The Good Girl

Anal Sex Guide – 10 Ultimate Tips for The Good Girl

Anal Sex Guide

Let’s talk all things anal sex…  The good girl Anal Sex Guide!!

I hear the word anal so much it’s loss all shock value. Every day we see images of porn star assholes plastered on media, posters and toys. I have had hundreds of emails asking me how to get their girlfriends into anal. On the flip side I have had an equal number of female customers tell me that nothing is going up their butt.

So, why do (most) men want to fuck your ass?

No, it doesn’t make your boyfriend gay. Most men are creatures running on high levels testosterone. They like filthy sex and variant sex. While anal sex moves into the mainstream lots of people still find it taboo. Therefore, it’s a turn on that you don’t want anal, your asshole is now the forbidden fruit.

Men also do not (usually) like your basic cookie cutter sex. Routine sex is just as redundant as no sex at all. Throwing the ass into the mix is exciting like a new toy!

So, why do women not want anal?

There can be many reasons.

  • A most common one is that we’ve all been told it will hurt.
  • Secondly, because of the taboo nature around anal sex, women often feel they will be slut shamed for trying or worse even liking anal sex.  This is not the case. Lots of women are having anal sex and you shouldn’t be ashamed about it.
  • Lastly, they are worried about it making a mess. I mean it is a backdoor, shit happens.

You’ve decided you’re going to do it. You’re going to have first time anal sex for the very first time. Here are some anal tips!

anal sex guide
Juicy Butt

Top 10 Anal Sex Tips

1. Hygiene is crucial!

Make sure you empty your bowels before the deed or it will be a real shit show. If you’re really concerned you could do an anal douche to cleanse yourself. That being said, there is no way to guarantee that there won’t be poop during anal. If he is wanting ass on the menu you all have to be prepared for that.  So if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

2. Speaking of kitchen

Some people would advise against eating at least 8 hours before. Others advise to steer away from dense meats which take a long time to digest. Obviously, avoid junk food which your body processes quickly as there is no nutrients in

3. Getting the tip in is going to hurt the most, why?

Because the head of the penis is the widest part. If you can get past that the worst is over. An asshole is never going to be like your vagina. Assholes are tight because it doesn’t have as much elasticity as your vagina! You need to be relaxed, and start with anal play like a finger or toy before you dive right into anal sex.

anal play and anal prostate toys

4. Anus does not self-lubricate like a vagina

You will need an incredible lubricant, and I’d recommend super slyde. Once you’re lubed up and tried anal play you’re ready to start exploring anal sex. When it comes to anal sex, there is never too much lube!

5. Lube on the penis and lube on your ass for this.

Make sure he goes slow. Too much too quickly is going to hurt and you’ll likely never let anyone up your ass again. Don’t be afraid to be vocal tell him if he is going to hard or too fast.

6. If it hurts, stop.

You’ll feel everything while he is up your ass and so he cannot pump you like he would if it was vaginal sex. If he doesn’t respect that, no ass for him.

7. Wear Condoms

Just because you can’t get pregnant, you can still get STIs… Wear condoms people!

8. You Might Feel LIke you Need to Poo

Before you get used to the sensation you might want to know it occasional will feel like you need to poo. Particularly if you’ve never done anal. You have nothing to relate the experience to other than pooping.

9. You can cum, but you probably won’t on your first go.

Your anus has lots of nerve endings and anal can feel very intense and pleasurable. But let’s be real who had an orgasm on their first time even with vaginal sex. Not me, some women might but just assume you won’t. If you’re comfortable enough incorporate toys into the anal play to help keep you aroused and enjoy the anal play more.

10. Go to the bathroom after, trust me on this one.

Particularly if you didn’t heed my word of advice and now you have cum in you. Empty yourself out and clean it up.

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After Anal Sex

Remember if you hated it, you never have to do it again.

If you loved it, welcome to the world of anal.

You can now work towards experimenting with different positions and toys! If you have any more questions drop me a line and I will do my best to answer them.

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