Every Time She Sees You, She Gets Wet

Every Time She Sees You, She Gets Wet

Everyone knows that Pavlov’s dog will be given food when the bell is pressed. So every time the bell is pressed, the dog begins to salivate. Have you ever thought about making your girlfriend wet, so that every time she sees you she gets wet?  Sexologists tell us that women have more than 50 sexually sensitive areas and erogenous zones. While men only have more than 20. Maybe this is just a conservative estimate.

Make Sure She Gets Wet Every Time

Although it is an ancient Indian tradition, caressing a woman starts from the feet. But most recommend that you start with the head and neck.  Everything starts at the top. sexually sensitive zone in this part is quite diffuse and requires the most skill.

1. Hair and scalp: the beginning of electric shock

Many women told me that when a man’s fingers inadvertently flick their long hair and stay on the scalp for a moment. They experience a lot of intoxication. Your head is the place of the soul and the place of reason. When the lover flicks the scalp, it is like hypnotizing your mind for a short time.  At that moment, you feel relaxed and letting go.

Let him know: The scalp is a very sensitive area.

A massage therapist claimed: “Wrap your fingers into her hair, touch her scalp with the fingertips and pads of your fingers, and massage regularly and vigorously around her. Do it with your scalp, this may make her spinal nerves tremble!”

But it should not make you feel pain; you can also touch and kiss the hair, or even bury your head to breathe your taste. In the process of touching and massaging the scalp, he will make you feel deeply accepted, relaxed and relieved, and will narrow the distance between you. No wonder women often use various beautiful hairstyles to attract men!

2. Ears: Desire initiation area

Professor Neill Todd from the University of Manchester found that there is a wonderful physical connection between loud noise and sex. This is mainly due to a part of our ears called SACCULUS. Rock concerts, dance clubs, roller coasters and other activities will stimulate this area.  And directly cause a kind of sexual pressure that needs to be released inside the human body.

No wonder that in clubs, there is often an illusion of falling in love with music.

This part controls your appetite and libido.  In other words, the greater the stimulation on this part, the stronger the desire. Of course, it also needs to be controlled within a certain range. And each person’s SACCULUS part’s ability to perceive sound is also different. Which will change with different personalities.  Even if the moan during sex reaches 90 decibels, this part will react and feel more desire.

No wonder men and women like to hear moans, because they can stimulate sexiness.

Let him know

When you are not sure whether you want it or not, kissing this part can make you excited quickly. Let him get close to your ears and whisper affectionately, then caress your ears, then lick, blow, kiss, suck, and even stick your tongue into your earholes, which will definitely cause women to get out of your ears. A trembling in the bottom of my heart. Let him take you to some concerts or DISCO occasionally, in the music, you will become hot quickly.

she gets wet
Sexy Lips

3. Lips: French gentle

Sensitivity of this part is self-evident. There are many ways to kiss. Simply speaking, there are two types of kissing. The first is a gentle kiss, and the second is a firm and pressured deep kiss.

Let him start from the first kiss,

Close your lips first, rub your lips, let him increase the pressure when you start to react, and finally enter the deep state of French kiss. In addition, in addition to kissing, it is good to lick with your tongue, touch gently with your fingertips, or stick your fingers into your mouth. Of course, keep your hands clean. Don’t talk when you kiss, and it’s best to keep your eyes closed.

4. Neck: the place of sneak attack

Junction between the head and the body is also a sensitive place for women. Many women like to wear clothes that expose their necks and V-neck, just to allow men to stimulate this part. Studies have shown that the sides from the ears to the collarbone are very sensitive. Many women feel numb and ecstasy from the kisses of men here. In addition, the inverted triangle area of the nape is also good.

After he kisses your ear

You might as well extend it down from the neck to the collarbone, or the back of the neck area. He can kiss, lick, rub with his nose, or even bite with his teeth.

5. Waist: Enchanting

Let him try to put his hand on your waist while stroking, while kissing you, the effect is very good. Some women say that when they take a female position, if their lovers touch and squeeze the sides of their waists, they will feel a sense of excitement.

men love buttocks
Photo: Woman Wearing Orange Panties

6. Buttocks: Men’s favorite

More men like the sensitive area of ​​women’s buttocks. Probably the buttocks are the most animalistic part of a woman’s body. Close to the birthplace of the baby, the full buttocks are also regarded as a sign of female fertility. He can be stimulated by patting, nibbling, stroking, etc., which are all good ways of foreplay.

7. Back: S Emotional Zone

S area on a woman’s back is the most erotic part, where reflex nerves are densely covered. Many women describe the stimulation of men on their backs when they have sex, which will make them unforgettable for a lifetime. He can be caressed with essential oils, or he can explore on your back with his tongue and lips.

The movie “Books forbidden by Pillow” directly expresses the way that lovers use writing to stimulate the sensitive nerves of the back, so you might as well learn from it.

8. Foot: Classical Sexual Sensitivity Department

I remember that Zhang Wuji stroked Zhao Min’s feet in “Evening Heaven and Slaying Dragon”, and Zhao Min fell in love with Zhang Wuji from that moment on.

In Chinese medicine, acupuncture points on the feet are related to various organs of the human body. And the feet are sensitive parts. When gently rubbing, it will produce a sensation of itching. If you want to find a substitute for sex worship on the human body, feet are naturally the most suitable candidates.

A man caressing a woman’s feet, or doing a little massage, will definitely make her heart sway, and can promote the coming of orgasm.

Core Sensitive Area

Let him know: The so-called core sensitive area is, relatively speaking, the most important part of sex, the most concentrated sensitive zone, and the most sensitive part.

And with this parts, you could use sex toys to wet her profoundly.

1. Breasts: the tipping point of desire

Many women feel that when their lovers touch their breasts, they will feel a very sexy and joyful experience. Women’s breasts are not all that sensitive, the focus is still on the “nipples”.

Of course, in the moment of passion, letting him hold your breasts up and down with his hands is said to be a powerful way to trigger a woman’s orgasm. Use this Detachable Bullet Vibrator to stimulate your girlfriend’s breasts, and she will have a soft breast the next time she sees this toy.

2. Sacrum: the maker of privacy

Many women like to wear low-rise jeans, when they sit down, the sacrum will be exposed for the partner to touch. The sacrum is located above the tailbone, at the junction of the hips and back, which is a very private place suitable for touching.

Sexologists recommend that men start to stroke the upper part of the back and then extend to the sacrum. “When you massage, don’t press the spine directly-but use circular motions to slowly knead to the bottom, or With your tongue, lick it from the end bit by bit.” Use this Sohimi 360°Rotating Vibrating Prostate Massager to stimulate your girlfriend’s sacrum, which will get her into shape quickly.

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3. Clitoris: the strongest sensitive zone

Your clitoris is the most sensitive sex organ in women. From the appearance, it is a small nodular tissue, much like a penis, located at the top between the labia minora on both sides, the size of a soybean. Pay attention to the stimulus here. He can carefully touch his labia in an upward motion, rubbing his fingers upwards.

When kissing the clitoris, the strength should be adjusted at any time based on your reaction. Bring this PERLE Cock Ring With an Anal Vibrator as super motor to powerful your penis. Stimulate your girlfriend’s clitoris, next time she can’t help but get wet when she sees you.

Use sex toys more when you have sex with your partner.

Read 5 best ways sex toys can improve your sexual life and relationship. And the result of each time the other person reaches an orgasm is that she is like a Pavlovian girl when she sees you.