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Sex Religion Guide

Modern culture provides a path where young adults have easily accessible resources and one of the things good girls struggle with is Sex Religion. Resources they can access include educational videos, documentaries and online articles that provide a wealth of information.

Alongside resources, the media that they see on a daily basis exposes them to television programs, movies, magazines and news can be sexualised. Accessible resources and media have helped to create young adults that can form their own set of sexual ethics by the information they have gained.

These sexual ethics can be further influenced by the opinions held within our friendship groups. Developing a sexual identity informs where they may fit within their local and religious communities.

Sex Religion
Photo: Religion Guide – Religious Book

Religion can define whether a person views their sexuality as acceptable.

They also define when sexual activity is appropriate. Whether sex can happen within marriage. Or whether sex can happen in a committed relationship. Whether sex can happen in a casual relationship. Religious beliefs give an entitlement to assist the maintenance and quality of marriages. Whilst it demoralises behaviour that effects their dissolution.

Religion calls for marriage as being the best area for sexual activities.

Sometimes religious beliefs can cause polarisation

For non-marital sex as they may deem it unacceptable. Strong regulations builds an environment where people only display their sexuality in private. Although people follow a set religion, they may not follow the provided beliefs that are set out for them.

People pull together different areas of their lives to build a belief system that works for their lifestyle choice.

Many people believe that the sexualities of heterosexuality and the LGBTQI community should be on equal terms. Currently the LGBTQI community believe that the expression of their sexuality leads to mental, religious and community effects.

Below is a table which lists what sexuality ethics are acceptable with in different religions.

These Religion Codes appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle in December 1994.

Religion Codes for Religion Table of Sexuality Acceptance

Blessed A+
Mostly Morally Acceptable A
Neutral or Unclear N
Mostly Morally Unacceptable U
Condemned U-

Religion Table of Sexuality Acceptance

Baptist Buddhist Catholic Methodist Mormon Muslim Jewish
Young Adult Sex U- U U- U U- U U
Premarital Sex U- A U- U U- U- A
Extramarital Sex U- U U- U U- U- U-
Divorce U A U- A U N A
Masturbation N A+ U N U A N
Abortion C N U- N U N U-
Contraceptives N A+ U- A+ A+ A+ A
Married Clergy A+ N U- A+ A+ A+ A+
Female Clergy U N U- A+ U U A+
Homosexual Orientation U A+ N A U C A
Homosexual Sex Acts U- A U- U- U- U- U-
Same-sex Blessings in Church U- A+ U- U U- U- U
Ordination of Homosexuals U A+ N U U- U- U

Sex Positions Photo
Photo: Religion Guide – Khajuraho Group of Monuments

Sex Religion – Let’s Talk About It


The Buddhism religion teaches to reach enlightenment is to practice the exemption of desires including sexual desires. Sexual desire is one of the most difficult challenges they face.  Buddhist monks practice celibacy to purify their souls.


Also known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mormons believe that sex within a marriage is sacred and legal. Their father and mother in heaven are one and is a sexual being. They believe that sex outside of marriage is illegal and they follow strict rules to maintain no sexual contact.

Mormons have a religiously assigned sex guide and positions. They are praised for procreating which effects Mormon Gay Men’s mental health negatively giving them a high depression rate.  Mormon Women have to have sex with their husband due to their sexual rules.


Mitzvah which means good deed. Sex known as a good deed under Judaism. Judaism is a Jewish faith. They have a group of codes named the Halakha. Halakha that a man must perform sex as a duty of marriage. If he is unable to perform sex according their minimum number of times according to the type of job he has it is grounds for divorce.

Hinduism & Kama Sutra

So, hinduism deeply talks about the significance of life and sexual spirituality since 1500 BC making it one of the oldest religions.  Hindu temples are beautifully carved with pictures that display humanlife, God, spirituality and sexual acts. The preserved UNESCO World Heritage building named “Khajuraho Group of Monuments” in Madhya Pradesh, India resembles the best reflection in its carving of the mastery of lovemaking to continue the lineage.

Kama Sutra

One of the largest groupings of sexual acts are presented in Sanskrit literature and is known as the Kama Sutra which was written by Vātsyāyana. Kama means desires and sexual desire. Sutra means thread which connects effects together. The Kama Sutra provides a viewing of sexual positions and practices that people can use. It is about using sexual energy between human beings.

Hinduism believes that sex follows a path of philosophy and spirituality.

They used this energy to get to enlightenment. And they believed that sex would free them from the revolution of birth and death making them immortal. Their followers used celibacy to transmit their sexual desires to provide enlightenment although talking about sex in public was frowned upon.