A Good Girl Guide to Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah

A Good Girl Guide to Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah

Howdy!! My name is Ashley, I’m 28 and single and today I will be reviewing Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah.

After some help from google maps to find the shop (I’m terrible with directions), I stumbled upon the entrance for the best adult shop.  While I have been to a few adult toy stores before, the experiences I had made me want to online shop forever. Because of this I thought the entrance would be some dark creepy doorway. But I was greeted with beautifully designed warehouse style shop that immediately put me at ease.

Although I walked I noticed that the store had its own large car spaces in front of the shop which will come in handy next time I come by for a visit! 

Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah

As I walked into the store the first thing I thought was “wow how bright and huge is this place!!”

Not only is it not dark and daunting but its vibrant and welcoming. I was immediately greeted by a staff member asking how I am today and If I’ve ever been in the shop before. Said that I hadn’t and the lovely lady gave me a quick run-down of the shop and each section which I found very helpful. As I had no clue what I wanted to buy but now I knew the sections I should look in to give me ideas.

Another aspect of the store that I liked was whilst the staff were very helpful. They weren’t on top of me the whole time trying to sell me super expensive items which I really appreciated. Any questions I had were answered quickly and professionally. This made the overall experience of asking about sex toys much less awkward.

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A Huge Amount of Choice 

To say the store has a lot of stock would be an understatement. It is a HUGE shop compared to other stores I’ve seen and had such a vast variety of stock it was hard to decide where to begin!!

Due to the store layout it is extremely easy to figure out where the item you’re looking for will be. If you are a little bit shy this is very helpful as you can navigate the store without having to ask staff where items are.  Flow of the store makes it easy to just wonder around and look at all the products they have to offer. That may be DVDS, toys or lubes this store has it all!

Another great aspect of the store is how many testers of the products they have out. It’s a great way to see the toy and how it works and feels in your hands as opposed to reading or being told what it can do. If I wasn’t shown the tester of the Womanizer Duo I might not have purchased one that day!

(I am VERY glad I did).


I had a budget when I walked in. But after I was told by staff that ZIPPAY was now available that budget went straight out the door.  I was able to get what I and the staff member thought would be the absolute best toy for me. And I truly believe that’s what I left with thanks to the staff at Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah.

Overall Adult Lifestyle Centre is a bright, vibrant, open and friendly adult shop and I will definitely be back for more!!

Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah
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Customer Review of Adult Lifestyle Centre 

Hi there, my name is Connor and I have been asked to provide a Customer Review for the Adult Lifestyle Center at Kogarah.  This is also the brick and mortar location for the Adultsmart online store


I am a regular customer at this store so am bit biased having been spoilt by the staff here. They offered me a $100 credit voucher to write this review. As they said they needed some customer reviews for blogs and advertising.  They did tell me to write an unbiased review with the good, the bad and the ugly which I have tried to the best of my ability to provide.  It was also brought to my attention that they have made the same offer to some other customers in order to advertise this store.

Adult Lifestyle Centre

It is situated at 12 Production Avenue, Kogarah in the middle of an Industrial Area.  Kogarah is in the St George District. About 20 minutes drive from the CBD and an hours drive to Wollongong (dependent on traffic conditions).  This adult shop has been in existence for 15+ years and looking at and in the store there is no reason to believe it will not be there for another 15.  It is conveniently located.


In all my visits to this store the staff have been exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable.  My wife and I have been frequent visitors for many years. It has been awesome to witness the ‘evolution’ of this store over the past 5 years.  A majority of times there has been a female staff on duty but even when males are on they are not sleazy and it is comfortable for a couple to talk with them.

Although they always approach me or us to offer assistance it is not overbearing and they are not ‘pushy’ but rather helpful. 


This shop is massive.  There is no other way to describe it.  Having been to many adult stores before in Sydney they are generally limited to 150-200sq meters.  I am not sure how big this is but it has to be over 500 square meters of retail space.  It is huge, clean, decked out in modern fittings and well lit.  There is no ‘sleaze’ attached to this store at all and is inviting. 

You can literally get lost in this store.  I stand to be corrected but do not believe there is a store of this size in the Greater Sydney region. And would hazard a guess it is one of if not the biggest store in Australia. Shop is carpeted at the front and has timber floors at the rear.

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One is spoilt for choice in this ‘mega-outlet’.  There is row upon row of sex toys in floor units as well as those being displayed on the slatwalls.  At the back is the lingerie area that is well stocked and had timber floors added to them a couple of years ago. 

It creates a real designated area for those wanting accessories like costumes, bdsm gear and lingerie to the rear of the shop. And the front portion which is adult toys, lubricants and such.


The sales staff I have spoken to tell me the proprietor is very liberal and is LGBTQ friendly as well as catering for those with mobility impairment or mental disabilities.  This can be seen with the street access with no stairs and the wide aisles.  Good on them – it is sex positive too!


I think my description says it all.  This store is if anything overstocked.  Whatever it is you are after you will find it there in a friendly clean environment.  There is nothing that I have found that will compare.


I spend too much money in this store!  Sorry, have to say it.  Limiting my visits to a maximum once a month helps. But because the bring in so much new stock there is always something that I want to try.  Personally I do not think I am oversexed or anything like that. It is better than spending my hard earned money on gambling or something like that.  My wife and I like to explore new things and the Adult Lifestyle Centre helps me do just that.


Business hour parking. 

You may as well forget about convenient parking out the front. Either get parking on Rocky Point Road and walk the 150 meters or so to the shop. Or parking at the end of the street near the ovals (if you can find some).  Parking Monday to Friday 10am-4pm is atrocious.  This is a weekend destination shop.