Womanizer Duo: Double Your Good Girl Pleasure

Womanizer Duo: Double Your Good Girl Pleasure

A long time before I started working in the Adult Lifestyle Centres I was introduced to a toy called the Womanizer Duo. Now if you haven’t heard of this brand stop everything you are doing right now (except reading this blog) and read this. If you enjoy powerful Clitoral or G-Spot stimulation, or both, Womanizerhas the toys for you.

Womanizer Duo

These sex toys use a Pleasure Air Technology which stimulates the clitoris without directly touching it. When placed around the clitoris and with a little pressure the head of the womanizer will create a seal. Within that seal is a constant sucking and vibrating tornado of air pressure pleasure. Your clitoris is directly in the eye of the storm. When using this toy you can orgasm as fast, as slow or as many times as you like, you decide. But I’d be willing to take a bet that you’ll orgasm no matter what.

But the newest addition to the Womanizerfamily has blown everything else away. What is it you ask? Well, the “Womanizer Duo”is a dual g-spot vibrator and clitoral stimulator that uses the same soft shaft from the We-Vibe Nova”. Which provides the G-spot stimulation at the same time as the classic Womanizer suction toy on the opposite end provides clitoral stimulation.

womanizer duo
Coming Hard With Womanizer


Upon opening this very stylish and modern packaging you will be greeted with the Beautiful Duo in one of two colours: Bordeaux (as shown above) or Black & Gold.

Also included in the box is a satin pouch for you to store your new best friend in. Duo USB magnetic charger, the Duo instruction manual and an extra replacement head that is smaller than the head already attached to the Duo. Smaller head sits closer to the clitoris than the larger head does. And because of this it will create a smaller volume of air pressure for a more intense feel.


  • Independent Extensions

 Each stimulator on the Duo” can be used independently. This means that if you only wish to enjoy the clitoral stimulator you are able to turn that on without the internal stimulator also turning on. Or if you want to switch to g-spot vibrations only you can turn the clitoral stimulator off. And of course you can use them both at the same time!!

  • Long Running Time

This magnificent invention has a running time of 2 hours. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t need the whole 2 hours to orgasm. But you can orgasm as many times as you’d like within that 2 hours.

  • Smart Silence Technology

This lovely feature means that the clitoral stimulator will turn on when it comes into contact with the skin. Take it off the skin and the Duo” goes into standby mode. No more toys vibrating off the bed when someone unexpectedly walks into the room!! If you didn’t need or want this feature you are able to turn it off as well.

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  • Vibrations & Power

Clitoral stimulator on the Duohas 12 different levels of power as does the g-spot vibrator. These will range from soft and sweet to OMG I CAN’T WALK.

But wait there’s more, the g-spot massager also has 10 different vibration modes that you can choose from. So you can pick the exact level of vibrations as well as the type of vibrations that tickle your fancy.

  • Waterproof

“Womanizer Duo” is completely waterproof, this means both bath and shower! So put that shower head or bath faucet away and bring your new “Duo” in with you to get wet and make your day! Being 100% waterproof also means it’s extremely easy to clean!

  • Shape Design

This shape of the Duo is specifically designed to fit all the different shapes and curves of our bodies. Rabbit vibrators can often be tricky at times when trying to get both extensions of the toy to sit exactly where they need to be. As we all have different anatomy, due to the “Duos” flexible g-spot massager shaft and the shape of the toy itself it hits the spot every time, both of them!

It can also be used hands-free for all my lazy gals out there, just place the toy, squeeze your thighs gently and let the “Duo do all the work.

Final Womanizer Thoughts

To sum it all up, as someone who needs lots of power in her toys and struggles to orgasm with LOTS of the different types of toys that are on the market, I’ve found Womanizer to have in my opinion the best products out there. Incredibly powerful without ever actually touching the clitoris and yet can cause leg shaking orgasms within seconds, all the toys are as silent as a mouse and so beautifully designed in both look and feel.

This goes for every toy in the Womanizer range, I’ve been unable to fault any of them so far and I would and do recommend every woman in the world to own their own Womanizer and you’ll never look back. But if you’re a gal who wants or NEEDS both G-spot and Clitoral stimulation simultaneously the Womanizer Duo” is the toy for you.

So come on down to one of our Adult Lifestyle Centres and have a look at Womanizers” entire range!! Or have a read of our Womanizer Startlet Review