A Good Girls Guide To Masturbation Techniques

A Good Girls Guide To Masturbation Techniques

Are you unsure about where to begin? Being a first timer and looking for Masturbation Techniques as a female, needing a little advice and guidance.  Well I have written a simple 7 stages guide to help steer you in the right direct and on your way to your new adventure. Give it a try gals, don’t be shy. Make every month masturbation month. Its time to be confident and in control of your own orgasms.


1. Get Comfortable

Ok first things first get yourself comfortable somewhere like a bed or couch so your as relaxed as you can be. Some people would prefer to lie down more. Especially when they start to enjoy it you can sometimes get a little light headed when in the zone.

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2. Lube Yourself Up

Some people can be very dry down there at the start and this is very normal so do not be alarmed. All I can advise is in getting yourself a lube that suits you body. It will help make the experience feel a lot better and smoother. I would advise a simple water based lube as its the easiest one to wash off after.

Please stay away from flavored lubes as this can cause irritation or infections if inserted. Place some lube onto the external of your vagina and clitoris. And also a little onto your two main finger that you will use.

3. Start Externally 

Most females can find it easier to orgasm by playing with their clitoris rather than insertion to find there g spot. Lets start with external play first to see what works better for you.  Place your lubed fingers onto your clitoris area. If your not exactly sure where this is just simply play around just above your urethra and vagina hole. Until you feel one part feeling a lot more sensitive than the other.

When you have found this spot play around with different strokes, circles or speeds. Till you can figure out what style makes gives you the most pleasure.

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4. Think about Using A Vibrating Bullet 

If your fingers are not giving enough pleasure. And it just feels like its not working then another way to add pleasure is to bring vibration into it. You can start off simple with just a small bullet vibrator. This will stimulate your clitoris a lot quicker than just using your fingers. It will bring you to an orgasm a lot quicker.

5. For a G Spot orgasm

All you have to do differently is insert they one or two fingers (whatever feels comfortable and not sore) into you vagina by about two inches deep.  A spot your looking for feels a lot puffer, harder, bumpier or ridged than other areas. So if your feeling that you have found the right spot. Arch your fingers towards your belly button way and start to rub or use a circle motion.

6. If you’re not feeling as horny

Sometimes trying to watch some porn during can get you aroused more. And the more aroused you get the more your body will natural start to make you wet down there. Another way to make it more exciting is to try playing external and internal at the same time.  Some girls like clitoris play with someone or a toy to be inserted as well. 

7. When you have finally made yourself orgasms then go for round two.

After you have orgasm your clit and vagina becomes more sensitive and plumped. Which can be easier to orgasm again and make it feel more intense and stronger than the first time around.  Make sure after practicing you clean your downstairs properly. I always advise to urinate after to flush any build up of bacteria that can be caused with masturbating. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

I always say practice makes perfect. In a situation like this please don’t give up if you don’t figure it all out in the first go. It can take a while and a lot of practice. But trust me it will all be worth it when you can masturbate on your own. Use this time to figure out your own body and what you like.

It makes it a lot easier down the line if you have a partner. You can explain to them exactly what you want and how to help them get you there. How can your partner figure it out if you haven’t even figured it out yet! Let it make you feel empowered, sexual and confident.

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