Make Your Orgasms Amazing With Womanizer Starlet

Make Your Orgasms Amazing With Womanizer Starlet

Womanizer Starlet

This toy review will be on the Womanizer Starlet and how It changed my life. So, for starters let’s look at what it actually is. This Womanizer clit sucking sex toy is course the baby of the womaniser range as it is one of the smallest of them all.

Starlet has 4 different intensity levels, this is controlled by the two buttons on the front “+” and “- “. Its size is nice and compact as it is 11cm in length. Making it easy and comfortable to hold in the palm of one’s hand.

If you have heard about the Womanizer line you would know what they do. But for those who don’t or have never heard on them you’re about to find out.

womanizer starlet
Womanizer Oral Sex Toy Range

How Starlet Works

Starlet along with the rest of the Womanizer range like the Womanizer Duo uses air technology instead of vibrations to stimulate your clitoris.

As you can choose one of 4 settings you can work your way up to whichever intensity setting feels best for you. This air technology used works by pushing air pressured waves of air from the head. Meaning that it never actually touches your clitoris only the head that goes around it.

Its head is a silicone, hollow, rounded tunnel towards the end of the toy.

This is what you would place over the clitoris for stimulation.  Its head can also be placed over nipples or at the tip of the penis for a different type of sucking stimulation feeling.  Starlet like most others in this range is completely water proof allowing you to take your fun into the shower or bathtub with you. No more worries about causing water damage to your favourite toy.

Air pulsing technology also means it will not desensitize you. Your clitoris will also not get use to the feeling meaning whether it’s your first time using it or your 100th time using it. You will still enjoy a mind-blowing orgasm with the added possibility of multiple orgasms.

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How the Starlet could Change your Orgasms Forever!

After having multiple vibrators and being use to the vibrating sensation, an air technology toy doesn’t exactly sound like the best sex toys out there. But I promise you it can do some incredible things.

When I first purchased the Starlet, I had only ever used battery powered vibrating toys.  I bought the Starlet out of interest as I had never heard of an ‘air technology’ toy. Upon using it for the first time I was amazed by the feeling as it was a very different feeling to what vibrations usually felt like. For the first while of having my Starlet I used it solely on myself but eventually became comfortable enough to use it with my partner during intercourse.

This made the whole experience feel absolutely magical! The first time using it during sex was the shortest time in my sexually active life that I had lasted and it really was mind blowing. Even my partner was amazed at how quickly it had worked and gotten me there and from that moment on the Starlet was the favourite toy.

Starlet was our favourite toy

We used it quite often.  I always seemed to get this weird pressure kind of feeling like I needed to pee if he held the starlet there for a bit longer after an orgasm. It wasn’t until I started my job in the adult boutique that I learnt, that feeling was the feeling of almost squirting. Which my partner loved but we were under the impression that I was unable to do it.

Once I knew what that feeling was. And I had been told to try and push through that feeling for 10 – 15 seconds longer and relax I instantly wanted to test the theory.

Which incredibly that was correct!

I had never done it in my life. And was now able to do it almost like on command, all from this little air technology toy. I felt empowered from learning how to do this. As I thought it was just some women can and some women can’t and that’s it.

My partner of course was absolutely over the moon to find out not only was the Starlet his favourite to use during sexy time. But now it was the toy that taught me how to squirt and helped us spice it up even more in the bedroom.

It Will Last

Another bonus to this toy is that I’ve owned it for 3 years now and it’s still going great!  But one down side to the starlet is that it does only have 4 settings. Which can be a little frustrating if you just want that little bit more power. It also does not have the auto pilot or silent technology that the premium has. Meaning once pulled away from the body and toy will go quiet almost as if it turned off.

But overall, I think the starlet is a great introduction to the Womanizer range. It is definitely worth trying at least once in your life.

Once you try it, I promise you’ll be hooked!