Why I Really Love Miss Bi! Good Girl’s Guide to Fun Factory Pleasure

Why I Really Love Miss Bi! Good Girl’s Guide to Fun Factory Pleasure

Miss Bi is a rabbit vibrator made by the award winning brand Fun Factory.  It is used for clitoris and g-spot stimulation and has two motors that work independently from each other. One in the shaft and the other is in the clitoris stimulator.

With this rabbit vibrator you can create a fully customizable experience by choosing which vibration speeds and patterns you would love to work together.  There are 6 vibration strengths and 6 vibration patterns which means there is something for everybody!

Miss Bi

Fun Factory Miss Bi is 100% body safe as it is made from medical grade silicone which is hand poured into moulds. The silicone it incredibly bendable and flexible yet strong enough to deliver pinpoint stimulation. This means that in the heat of the moment you can use varied levels of pressure where you need it the most.

Supple softness of the silicone will remain the same even after every wash with soapy water! It is available in the colours pink, grape and turquoise. The colours feel trendy and refreshing so every time you use the sex toy you will feel like you are picking up a new product each and every time.

Features of Miss Bi

Fun Factory Miss Bi is 17 cm in length and 4.18 cm in width.  Shape of the vibrator is made perfectly to fit a women’s natural body structure. Although it can be used for vaginal penetration it is also safe for anal play.  Its shaft is gently curved to easily reach the g-spot.

When inserted if you apply pressure with the tip, it will mold gently with your body. As the deep rumbling vibrations will be sent through your erogenous zones. Its shaft has a bulbous mid-section to make you feel full.  Bottom of the shaft narrows in which helps the sex toy comfortably sit inside.

Cllitoris stimulator is also wide enough to massage the labia in a circular motion. If you would like the clitoris stimulation to penetrate deeper, you can push the clitoris stimulator with your hand to help amp up the feeling.

Miss Bi
Miss Bi Sex Toy Review


Fun Factory Miss Bi is designed with functionality and usability in mind.

You will find the easy to use loop handle has been designed to help you achieve even greater levels of pleasure. It allows for easy movement through holding, pushing and tapping down of the sex toy.  A handle also allows you to move your body, back and forth into it for an intense experience. It weighs 205 grams which means it is light enough to be held with maximum comfort.

Its Handle has the three raised buttons.

A fun button can be pressed to quickly turn it off. Whilst the other buttons change the modes of the clitoris and g-spot stimulator. Buttons will flash to give you warning that the sex toy has low battery and needs to be recharged. It can be travel locked so it doesn’t accidently turn on when it is moved.

You can also program the Fun Factory Miss Bi to begin on your beloved modes.

fun factory miss bi and other vibrators
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Fun Factory Pleasure

Miss Bi is rechargeable with a battery inside the sex toy.  It’s recharging points are on the bottom of the handle which uses a magnetic charging chord.  A chord clicks onto the bottom and begins charging right away. Due to the seamless silicone and the magnetic recharging capabilities the sex toy is 100% waterproof. It is safe for bath or shower play.

Vibrations of Miss Bi

Its vibrations are super strong. If you use the shaft on your clitoris for foreplay your body will be completely unprepared for the level of sexual pleasure you will receive.  It can make you want to orgasm in a matter of minutes. Pleasure itself is extraordinarily powerful.

On the lower speeds it runs on the quieter side but with the higher speeds it can be hearable. Sound can be hushed by blankets or the sound of a low level TV in the backgroun. Which is surprising as most vibrators are even louder than that.

This is a great beginner’s sex toy

As there are lower speed settings to help you create and hold onto the perfect orgasm. It is a quiet vibrator with incredibly powerful vibrations.  Can give you an experience which you may have never felt before. Size of the sex toy is not to big yet not to small.  Anyone who owns this sex toy will reliably use it for years to come as it is one of the best sex toys available in the adult lifestyle market.

Fun Factory sex toys really are some of the best in the world.

This sex toy allows you to feel different types of stimulation by simple moving your body into different positions. For example, you can place a pillow under your back or close your legs close together. To ensure ease of entry it is recommended to a good quality water based lubricant or a sex toy friendly lubricant like SuperSlyde.

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