Good Girl Guide To The Award Winning Brand Fun Factory

Good Girl Guide To The Award Winning Brand Fun Factory

Fun Factory is a sex toy company that was established in Germany in 1996 with an annual revenue of 13.5 million euros. They are an award winning brand with over 21 years of sexual wellbeing experience. Fun Factory products can be shipped internationally. They have won awards including Red Dot Award, International Forum Design, German Design Award, XBIZ Award and Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award.

Fun Factory create women’s, men’s and couple’s sex toys. They produce a wide range of pulsators, vibrators, smartballs, dildos, anal toys, masturbators and other essential sexual lifestyle products.

Fun Factory

During the design process, they choose their favourite designs to get 3D printed for real life analysis. So they can work out what modifications need to be made before they begin the production process. Fun Factory sex toys are all made, packaged and shipped from Germany.

All their product’s go through quality assurance tests to meet high quality standards. Since all their products are made in the one place, they are one of the most ecofriendly adult manufacturers in the world. And they enforce recycling policies to save 40 tons of resources a year.


Fun Factory create eye catching, colourfully daring, joyful, visually appealing and modern products. That are designed like nothing else in the adult sex toy market. That are made to look non-phallic with a sense of attention and intrigue. Fun Factory products are designed to provide a memorable pleasing experiences which will have you coming back for more.

Fun Factory sex toys


There is an incredibly large selection of different sex toy shapes designed ergonomically to fit any body type. Most of the sex toys are bendable to move with the shape of your body rather than work against it.

Paired with the shapes are grooves, ribs and ridges made for light or intense stimulation. You will be able to find a sex toy for every sexual need, desire and want.


Fun Factory were the first sex toy company to create vibrators with medical grade silicone that is hypoallergenic and made with high quality raw material. Silicone is hand poured without the use of any abrasive chemicals. Use of any plastic is also 100% body safe. Packaging is made from recyclable material, free of glue and printed with soy ink.

Fun Factory
Fun Factory Sex Toy Range


Fun Factory invented Pulsating technology which are sex toys that move hands free, back and forth in a thrusting motion. Their pulsators include the Vi Stronic Fusion, Stronic Drei and Stronic Eins.

Fun Factory are on their 5th generation of products that use FlexiFUN Technology. Which make their sex toys with heightened levels of flexibility to provide differing levels of pressure to erogenous zones from the strong shaft. It will naturally adapt to your hand movements. Or if you get hot and heated if you thrust into it with your body.

Larger sex toys feature ergonomic handles that have a loop for easy use.

They have travel locking QuickSTOP feature so they don’t automatically turn on during transportation. Can also be programmed with your favourite settings. There is a light that flashes when the sex toy is running low on battery. Motor is quiet, extremely powerful.

Provides intense pleasure to your erogenous zones like no other sex toy you have ever experienced. Their motors are one of a kind and are not replicated with any other brand. You can discretely pleasure yourself in the luxury of your bedroom. No one will know the deep sensations you have experienced.


Fun Factory were one of the very first companies to invest in Click n’ Charge capabilities that use an integrated battery charger inside the sex toy. There is a magnetic recharging cable included. Since the there are no open seams most of their sex toys are made 100% waterproof for bath and shower fun. You will need to check with each adult product you use.


When you purchase a Fun Factory rechargeable and battery powered sex toy, it includes a 2 year warranty. You simply need to keep your purchase receipt or proof of purchase.

Customer Reviews

Fun Factory Stronic Drei Review

It’s like nothing I’ve ever used before…I am a bit of a toy connoisseur…my husband might use the word junkie…what can I say, I love trying new things and this is a must have item ladies!! I haven’t even thought about using anything else since buying this…the bar has been raised in my opinion and there’s no going back. The quality is amazing as well

Fun Factory Patchy Paul Review:

I really like this guy! He’s cute, cuddly and I’m stoked to find this kind of quality and craftsmanship in a vibrator. I’m looking forward to a long relationship with Patchy Paul.

Best Sellers

Fun Factory’s best sellers

  • Patchy Paul: Patchy Paul is a best seller in Europe.
  • Fun Factory Lady Bi: Lady Bi a women’s dual vibrator.
  • Miss Bi: Miss Bi is womens dual vibrator. Read the review why I really love Miss Bi.
  • Fun Factory Smartball Uno: Smartball Uno is a womens kegel exerciser.
  • Stronic Drei: Stronic Drei is a unisex pulsator.

See the interview With Laura Von Der Brelie from Fun Factory for more information.

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