Why This Good Girl Enjoys Smoking HEMP!

Why This Good Girl Enjoys Smoking HEMP!

Why everyone needs the Hemp Seed 3-in-1 massage candles.  Smoking HEMP the legal way.These 3-in-1 hemp seed massage candles arrived at the adultsmart store Kogarah last week.  I just had to buy one! It has a realistic retail price. Which is no more than what I usual spend on massage oils and candles anyway. I may also have a slight candle shopping problem but this isn’t about that.

This is about why everyone needs these massage candles in their lives!

But what is hemp seed, you ask?

I’ll tell you what hemp seed oil is! Hemp seed oil is obtained by pressing the seeds from non-drug strains of hemp plants; don’t worry you’re not rubbing marijuana on yourself. Hemp seed oil is cold pressed, organic and non-GMO. Hemp seed oil is healthy and safe for human use, rich in vitamin E for silky skin. Some people even cook with hemp seed oil!

All you need to know about the brand and product

As a product under the Earthly Body item, it stands by the same values as all of the other Earthly Body family of products. All Hemp Seed Body Care products are made with ingredients found in nature. They are 100% vegan and come in recyclable packaging. In a commitment to producing products that use no animal ingredients. Strictly working with suppliers that do not test on animals.

In addition to creating quality personal care products that are vegan. Making a commitment to improving our plant’s sustainability with recyclable packaging, and vowing never to use harmful ingredients.

Unpacking the goods

It’s easy to remove the metal lip and the smell immediately hits you. There is a cute plastic spoon for spooning melted wax out onto your lover, or even on yourself. As previously mentioned, the packaging can be recycled! Good for you and good for the planet! You might as well be captain planet by buying these candles.

Smoking HEMP

Burn the candle partially until liquid starts forming around edges of the tin. You may scoop out oil and rub it in the skin for silky skin that makes you smell like a tasty treat! This can be used as a warm massage oil or daily moisturiser. If you think about it, you’re really saving money by buying this three in one product.

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Hemp Massage


This massage candle comes in three delicious flavours

  • Guvalava with a green label, this fragrance is offers a calming effect. Burn this one before bed time massages!
  • Dreamsicle with a gold label, this candle is a fruity summery smell which takes you away to the tropics and is heavenly to smell. You should try lighting this one is warmer weather to get you really going.
  • Finally, Skinny Dip with a pink label, with its mixed sweet vanilla and slight oaky undertone. This one is perfect to use all year round.

Reasons to give your partner an erotic massage

Firstly, who doesn’t enjoy a good massage?

Stresses of life build up and create tension – not just in our muscles and joints but in our sex drive. Show your partner you care by giving them a loving and sensual massage in melbourne. Taking away the stress away first through massage and then whatever comes up next to help them relieve stress. I am sure they will appreciate being relaxed then relieved.

Your partner is more likely to achieve orgasm when they are not stressed and the tension from the body is removed. You should also note that physical closeness and touching builds relationships and bonds with your partner. If you want to bond with your lover, go and give them a rub down.

You also feel better doing something sweet for your partner. Physical touching releases happy chemicals in your brain which is really a win-win for everyone.

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Reasons to moisturise daily

As we grow older our skin loses elasticity, you can help fight the aging process by keeping your skin supple and hydrated by using the warm wax as a moisturiser! The product contains vitamin E, coconut oil, soybean oil and avocado extracts which are great for keeping skin firm and soft.

Do you need another reason?

These candles are really just so incredible; as candles and as massage oils and as a moisturiser – I could not recommend them more! They are a decent size and burn up to 60 hours (if you don’t use the wax/oil for massages). And leave a beautiful fragrance in the house. These candles are environmentally sustainable, cruelty free and serve a multi-purpose. Head to your adult shop or online at Adultsmart today to purchase one or all three!