Jimmyjane Vibrators Last For Days: A Good Girl Guide

Jimmyjane Vibrators Last For Days: A Good Girl Guide

Sex Toy Company Jimmyjane was founded in San Francisco, California in 2004 and their JimmyJane vibrators literally Last For Days. They have won countless awards including AVN Awards, XBiz Awards, StoreErotica, Cosmopolitan, Good Design Award, Women’s Health Awards and many more.

Jimmyjane sex toys has been featured on Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Curve, The Doctors, The Times and Elle. Their products have also been recommended by celebrities including Kate Moss, Dita Von Teese, Kate Beckinsale and Teri Hatcher.

JimmyJane Vibrators

They focus on providing solo sex toys provide pleasurable experiences. Whilst their couple’s sex toys reinforce connection and communication within relationships without compromising design. Each sex toy Jimmyjane has made with the idea of sexual exploration in mind. So people can find out how each adult product works for them.

Jimmyjane’s website states:

“Jimmyjane believes that if anything should be beautifully designed, it’s the products that engage our sexuality… “


You will not be able to find a sex toy that is similar within the collection. As each vibrator model is made with its own unique ergonomic shape. Their wide range of sex toys have been made to suit a variety of preferences.


Jimmyjane use medical grade, platinum, body safe and phthalate free silicone. Alongside the silicone some of their sex toys also include the use of stainless steel. All materials that are used are eco-friendly so there will be no harmful environmental effects.

JimmyJane vibrators and sex toys
JimmyJane Sex Toy Range (From Left To Right: Form 2, Form 3, Form 4 and Form 6)


Most of Jimmyjane’s personal massagers are made with a silicone exterior that delivers powerful or gentle vibrations. Most of their products are made to be waterproof. Making them bath-friendly so that you do not have to limit your experience to the bedroom. This feature also make it easy to clean. There is also a travel locking featuring making it a safe sex toy to take with you.


Jimmyjane product’s boast that they have a longer battery life compared to other sexual lifestyle brands. Their products are designed to last longer for an uninterrupted pleasurable experience. Long lasting battery also means that you can be sure that you will not need to buy a new vibrator any time soon. Unless you want to try other products from their sex toy range then have a look at a complete guide on vibrators.

All Jimmyjane products should be fully charged before use. This will protect the battery and the longevity of the product. Some of their products must recharge for 8 hours before use. It is important to check the sex toys manual beforehand to best understand how you are meant to recharge it.

Some of their products are made with a high performance Lithium Ion Battery which runs for 4 hours on a single charge.

couples sex toys that are excellent
JimmyJane Hello Touch Review


Jimmyjane provides three year warranty for the HELLO TOUCH, LITTLE SOMETHING, LITTLE CHROMA, and FORM collections. Jimmyjane’s The Usual Suspects collection is covered by one year warranty.

Customer Reviews

“This vibrator is so small, yet so powerful! It’s my first vibrator and I can already tell I have been missing out! It’s nice quality, easy to charge…I highly recommend!” ~ Form 2


Hello touch finger vibrators
Sex Toy: Jimmyjane Hello Touch Finger Vibrator

Best Sellers

  • Form 2

A clitoral massager that offer two motors, one in each ear. You are able to squeeze and pinch the sex toy to fit comfortably around your clitoris for an overall vibration.

  • Form 2 Luxury Edition

A clitoral massager. It is the high end version of its predecessor. Has been enhanced with 24 karat gold plated contact bottom. It features duel motors with one in each ear.  Vibrations ears can surround the clitoris at differing pressures for a personalised experience.

  • Form 3

A clitoral massage that is shaped and feels just like a tongue. This sex toy has a slimline shape that has been specifically made. So it can be placed between lovers when they are having penetrative sex.  Touchpad in the middle can be rounded and bent to create pinpoint stimulation. You are also able to press your finger on the touchpad to direct sensations and massage different areas with your finger.

  • Form 4

A personal massager with a rounded tip that offers deep and rumbly vibrations. Neck of the sex toy is bendable and adapts to the shape of your body. Which means that it can work perfectly with the natural curves of a women’s body. It can be used for internal or external massages and will leave you feeling full.

  • Form 6

A g-spot vibrator that is firmly curved with a motor in each tip. It is made for pinpoint stimulation to create mind blowing orgasms.

  • Hello Touch

A wearable vibrator that you use one your fingertips allow lovers to use their touch to create powerful and intimate sexual pleasure. It has been made for a more realistic sexual experience which lets your fingers do all the work.  Can also be used for personal masturbation.

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