What is The Japanese Legend of Used Panties Vending Machines?

What is The Japanese Legend of Used Panties Vending Machines?

Japan has brought many of the secrets to fetish sex, sexual fetishes and kinks to popular culture. Including a new one which is buying Used Panties from vending machines. Japan has already been exploring the arms of tentacle porn. They are known for their highly skilled Shibari rope bondage experts.

Another product which you may have thought was just a legend or phenomenon that you can find in Japan are vending machines which stock used panties for sale. These vending machines had been rumoured to be available within adult lifestyle centres.

Japan Has Vending Machines Everywhere

If you walk the streets of Japan you will be able to find vending machines everywhere. Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association (JVMA) has said that there are over 3 million in Japan alone!  Vending Machines make the country over $46 billion a year.

JVMA had stated that around 140,000 of the vending machines sell novelties, newspapers and personal health products.

Gachapon – Used Panties Vending Machines

Vending machines which sell these products are known as Gachapon. Gachapon was made to resemble the sound a vending machine makes is it a product is bought and dispensed from the machine.

Used underwear in these machines are designed to appear as if they have been worn by a person. Similar to a pair of pants which is purchased from Just Jeans, Jeans West or Calvin Kleins. Underwear that is bought from these machines are usually purchased by people who would like to by a pair of panties which has been worn by another person. But they cannot read the Japanese language very well so they accidently buy them.

Can People Still Buy Used Underwear?

It had been said that used panties were sold over 20 years ago on the streets of Japan. And it had been said that used underwear was available to buy from Japanese sex toy shops which were displayed on the wall.

With the Japanese Law Enforcement giving heavy fines to people who do not follow the law. Companies who wish to sell used underwear must check that the person who has sold it to them has valid ID.  This ensures that the product is provided by a person who is over the age of 18.

People are now easily able to find used underwear by buying them online.

Googles search results for Japanese Used Underwear has over 903,000 different results. Where you will be able to find photos. Descriptions of the product and descriptions of the type of person who is selling the product. Price ranges from as little as $20 to as much as $150.

About Underwear Fetishism

Underwear Fetishism is where a person has an exceptionally strong desire and gains sexual fulfilment from observing, handling and keeping panties. Whether they are new, old, cleaned or have recently been worn.

They may like the idea of holding an object which has been used by another person. Some people even go as far as stealing another person’s underwear to gain them.

lingerie for him or her

People who enjoy this fetish

Also become sexual excited from looking at images of underwear.  It is only considered a sexual perversion if a person who has Underwear Fetishism causes anxiety or stress to another person.

People only expose their bodies to people that they trust and activities which involve genitals are extremely private. From going to the bathroom, showering at the end of the day, engaging in solo masturbation, oral and penetrative sex. People who enjoy this fetish may feel that looking at holding or holding underwear as an extremely intimate experience.

An extremely common version of Underwear Fetishism

Is the sexual excitement from handling used underwear and panties.  Most recent appearance of used panties appeared in Orange Is The New Black. Where people from a women’s prison started a syndicate where they would steal panties that they would make in a factory. Find prisoners to wear them and then sell them privately online.

Their main motive was to make enough money to buy products within the prison so that they could live a more comfortable lifestyle.

People who enjoy this fetish may be sexually turned on by different types and styles of underwear. There are many different types of underwear that can be purchased by men and women.

wearing used panties

Types Of Womens Underwear

  • Briefs.
  • High-cut Briefs.
  • Control Briefs.
  • Boy Shorts.
  • Hipsters.
  • Bikini.
  • Tanga.
  • Thongs.
  • G-String.

Types Of Mens Underwear

  • Brief.
  • Boxer Brief.
  • Mini Brief.
  • Open Brief.
  • Boxer.
  • Tanga.
  • Thong.
  • Long Johns.
  • Mini String.
  • C-String.

Other products which fall into this category include the use of pantyhose, stockings and bras. A person who has this sexual fetish may also have a preference of the type of material that the product is made out of. Whether that is latex, leather, cotton and satin.


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