What Are The Secrets To Fetish Sex?

What Are The Secrets To Fetish Sex?

Men and women of all sexualities are able to enhance their personal pleasure by introducing Fetish Sex into their adult lifestyles. Here are 5 amazing fetishes that will inspire you. A fetish is when a person is consistently highly turned on by an object, body part, machine, clothing. Basically anything that they are turned on by which is not considerd the “norm”.

Sexual fixation with a particular object or thing of interest. This is considered to be a strong and deep seated desire within the sub-conscious mind.

Problem is that after a person has been in a long term relationship for longer than a year, the lover’s often become sexually bored and disinterested.  This could be because they have turned their sexual lifestyle into a continuous routine. Maybe the lovers have chosen the same sex position or continue to have sex in the one area of the house.

One way to keep things interesting is to exploring each other’s fetishes.

Since you will both be exploring sexual desires that fulfil each other’s personal needs. You will be able to reignite the passion within your relationship whilst you build higher levels of trust.

Depending on the fetish, you are able to explore it in many different ways.

Some of the best ways to explore fetish sex.

  • Porn Movies: You can buy or watch a high quality porn movies about a specific fetish.
  • Erotic Stories: You can read erotic stories online about a specific fetish.
  • Costumes: You can dress up in lingerie, costumes or clothing which is designed for a specific fetish.
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Fetish Sex Categories

Sexual Fetishes are divided up into three different categories.

Animate Fetishes

These include body parts like butts, breasts, hair and feet. Animate fetishes are generally restricted to human body parts. But in some instances it could be related to an animal. An acceptable form is considered to be Furry Fandom. Where people dress up in animal costumes and practice furry etiquette. Whilst the unacceptable and illegal form is engaging in bestiality practices.

Media Fetishes

These include the fixation on materials like leather, rubber, silk and latex.

Form Fetishes

This is when a person is fixated on the shape and size of an object. For example, a person may be attracted to knee-high boots or stilettos.

Overall, it can be said that people can turn almost anything into a fetish. There are also various degrees of fetishism that go from easy, moderate to intense.

Fetish Sex
Gandalf Costume

Types Of Fetishes

  • Stomach Fetish.

These are people who are fixated on particular types of stomachs. People who have a strong sexual desire towards stomachs. May want to kiss, caress, massage or look at stomachs as they masturbate or engage in fetish sex acts. Some people who have a Stomach Fetish may also be aroused by belly button types and piercings.

  • Body Piercing Fetish

People can also have a fetish for different types of body piercings. Whether the piercing is on the nipples, bellybutton, genital, tongue, eyebrow and penises. People who enjoy this type of fetish sex may like the piercing being rubbed on erogenous zones on their body. Similar fetishes include body modification, tattooing and urethral play with penis plugs.

  • Foot Fetish

A foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes! Some people love extremely clean feet whilst some other’s may enjoy sticky and dirty feet. Other people who have a foot fetish enjoy licking, sucking and massaging feet. They may want to put your feet on display as they pleasure themselves to their image.

  • Voyeurism

This is the act of enjoying watching other people engage in sexual activities. Some people may simply enjoying watching people undress, masturbate or engage in couple’s sex.  Voyeurism may include the person not knowing they are being viewed.  This can be done in a relationship where their lover consent’s to this behaviour taking place.

  • Rubber Fetish

People who have a Rubber Fetish are also known as a Rubberists. They are fixated on anything which is made from rubber like latex, elastic and vinyl. May also like other glossy and tight materials. They may enjoy the smell of rubber or the feel of it.

  • BDSM

A multitude of fetishes all combined in the one category. BDSM stand for bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism. And other related interpersonal dynamics. It became very popular after the success of the 50 Shades of Gray books and movies.  Many people incorporate this as a lifestyle choice and happily practice BDSM in long term relationships.

Do You Have A Fetish?

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of fetishes.

Many people are sexually aroused by the sight of a perfectly plump bum or breasts. Be that as it may, does that make you a fetishist?  Actually, yes it does! So the next time you are fixated on a person in a fireman’s outfit. You should ask yourself am I into a sex fetish or am I just admiring the view?

Or you can also find like minded people in the fetish community at FetLife.

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