The A-Spot Discovery – A Different Way To Orgasm

The A-Spot Discovery – A Different Way To Orgasm

When we usually think about sex, we often think about the best sex positions to try, different sexual fantasies. And even where to have sex but what about where to orgasm – The A-Spot.

In terms of some of the best places to have sex, think of inside a car, on top of a sofa seat, in a public place – really whatever tickles you’re fancy.  Sex should be an adventure. Whether you want to create your own sex tape or try anal for the first time. It should be what pleases you or what you want to try at any given time.

The A-Spot

Living out these sexual fantasies will often help or enhance a female in achieving that mind blowing and toe curling orgasm.  Most men have it relatively much easier. There is a reason for that but I am not going get into it here.

Knowing how important it is to reach that elusive mind-blowing orgasm for women. This is the reason most men are trying to crack the code for that door down there. And be able to let that ocean flow. It is a kind of achievement if your man or boyfriend can make you orgasm.

There are many ways for a woman reach orgasm

You can find a lot information available online, but this can be overwhelming and sometimes quite confusing. One term that you will not fail to notice as you search and probably know a little about is the female G-Spot. The G-Spot zone when stimulated is considered being responsible for a woman reaching an intense orgasm or when combined with other stimulations a blended orgasm.

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There are various sexual techniques for the G spot

That are often quoted that will allow you to hit the G-Spot allowing women to reach that full intense orgasm. These techniques include the Coital Alignment Technique which is really complex and not for the novices. If you try out this particular technique, you are guaranteed to feel sexually spent and the next day feel like you had done 1,000 sit-ups the night before.  It is not a technique that many men enjoy because it is ‘hard work’.

There is also another popular sex position technique called the Cowgirl position (woman on top).

With this technique, definitely, the woman will not be able to control the exact angle of the penis against her G-Spot but how fast or slow she likes it.

For the women she may find the knees and hips hurting and you will be dripping sweat on your boyfriend as you are doing all the hard-work.  Most men LOVE this position as they can lay back and enjoy whilst watching you breathing heavily, sweating and collapsing exhausted after you have finally cum.  If you want revenge on your lazy sad-sack of a lover underneath know that over 30% of all penile fractures occur as a result of sex gong wrong in this position.

The A-spot Orgasm Discovery

If you have not heard or read about the A-Spot orgasm, then definitely read on.

A-Spot is also an erogenous zone just like the G-Spot albeit lesser-known.  It is estimated that only about 11% of women know about this erogenous zone and less men.  This is really a shame in a way since there are various erogenous spots that need you to know about their presence.  An A-Spot orgasm is said to be the cause of ‘gushing orgasms’. Which is one of the most popular features on porn that many people mistake for urinating.

The A-Spot was discovered by Dr. Chua Chee Ann

A Malaysian doctor, in1997. Study was self-funded and part of the ‘study’ included the good doctor gently stroking the inner of the vaginal wall time after time for each of the 271 women ‘surveyed’.  He then noted how each vagina responded to his gentle stroking.

77.5% of the women experienced vaginal lubrication/wetness. While a further 39.1% surprisingly reached orgasm at the good doctors touch.

This erogenous zone is also sometimes called the female prostate

Because of its ability to be stimulated in the same way as the male prostate its precise location.  The A-Spot is situated beyond the popular G-Spot, close to the cervix.  This deep erogenous zone/spot in some women, when stimulated will produce rapid lubrication, contractions. And intense sexual pleasures resulting in orgasm.

The A-Spot
Orgasmic woman

To stimulate the A-Spot with your fingers

Like any other form of foreplay, it is important that you firstly trim your nails and clean your fingers.  Then insert the clean finger/s into the deepest point of the vagina and curve them (like a hook) pointing them internally in the direction of the belly button.

You will first feel a patch of tissue that feels slightly spongy and that is the famous G-Spot. Insert your fingers just go in a bit further and you will feel a similar – yet smaller patch. Then you will have reached the elusive A-Spot. If you stimulate that area then you will achieve an A-Spot orgasm.

You should move your fingers in the A-Spot area as if they were a windshield wiper, backwards and forwards until climax is reached..

The G-Spot and The Blended Orgasm

Since the A-Spot is in the deeper region of the vagina compared to the G-Spot the A-Spot can be stimulated during anal sex. It is the cause of a blended anal and vaginal orgasm. During anal sex, there is an indirect stimulation involving the rectum and the vagina. This action often result in the triggering A-Spot sensations.

There is no worry about the length of a penis not being able to reach the A-Spot. As the average length of a vagina is about 3-4.5 inches. And average Caucasian male penis when erect is about 5 inches. This makes it possible for the penis to be able to reach in select positions the A-Spot.

My boyfriend may not be the most endowed down there. But he is able to make me squirt and achieve vaginal orgasms. I now find myself craving.

A Spot Orgasm is About Pressure and Movement

It is important to understand that unlike the G-Spot, reaching the A-Spot orgasm is not about touch. But solely the pressure and movement. G-Spot incorporates the finger motion as in beckoning to “come here” while the A-Spot does not act or respond to the movement or motion. Because it applies pressure in a back and forth movement.

That is according to the experts of course.

You can used dildos and vibrating sex toys apart from fingers or anal sex to get that A-Spot enjoyment.  Most G-Spot vibrators with the curved tip will easily reach the A-Zone.  It is all about experimentation and what works best for you.

Did you know there is a U-Spot and a K-Spot?

Go on your sexual adventure and explore your body today. Maybe read an anal sex guide and get experiencing all the different types of orgasms a female can!