Top 10 Popular and Affordable Sex Toys

Top 10 Popular and Affordable Sex Toys

Affordable Sex Toys

appreciate that times are tough and many people are trying to pinch their pennies. Never fear, for I have looked over the Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah for Affordable Sex Toys under $100. Just because you’re a good girl on a budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun with some sex toys. 

Budget Friendly Sex Toys

So kicking of our list is California Exotic, Shane’s World: College Stud     

This 6” long vibrator is super soft and very flexible, I couldn’t stop touching it and the balls are very soft and life like! It is an ivory colour with veins and the diameter is approximately 2”. It has a dial to control the speed function and it runs on 3 AAA batteries. 

Next is on the list is Jelly gems No. 13 by Pipedream                                    

This vibe is made of super soft materials and like the name suggests it feels like jelly. This product is very feminine in its aesthetic; it was multispeed dial and is waterproof. This toy requires only 2 AA batteries for hours of fun! If you’re after a super cute, super soft vibe this is the toy for you!

Again, Pipedream make the list with King Cock 6” uncut cock               

This toy was one of my favourite things Pipedream have brought out. People who don’t like foreskins can fight me because uncut is awesome and there’s just more to enjoy! This toy comes with lube, is a nude complex and the skin slides back effortless to expose the detailed penis head. This dong is soft; latex free is 6” long and 2” wide – it is like the goldilocks of dongs!

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Okay, for all you anal lovers Zero Tolerance’s Forever anal plug              

This bulb shaped best butt plug is all you’ll ever need in your life; this toy is small but powerful. I used the tester in a vibrator race when we first got it in. It’s about 3” long and 1.5” wide and of course comes with a base to save you ending up in the emergency room with an embarrassing tale. This toy comes with 10 functions all equally as powerful as the last but creating different sensations.

Light of your life will be the Evolved, on the spot light up vibe           

This is a powerful little bullet vibrator is ideal for travel as its small and easy to hide. The vibe has 7 vibrating functions each one has its own colour. This is a great little vibe for people who are on the go and need a travel friend. This toy will be the light of your life! 

Speaking of powerful bullets the NU Sensuelle Joie packs a powerful punch! 

NU brand is in-cred-ible, the products are of good quality and NU offers a 1 year warranty on their products. This bullet may be little. But they are powerful and come in an arra of colours to choose from. This product often flies off the shelves so if bullets are your thing, be quick!

iMale: hey 19! Jillian Janson anal teen stroker                                            

For all you fella’s seeking a silky masturbator, look no further than Jillian Janson’s tight ass stroker with vibrations for added pleasure. These strokers have the benefit of being silky smooth to touch and yet remain tight for the life of the toy. If anal isn’t your thing the hey 19 range has lots of different girls and body parts to choose from.

Levina’s Butterfly Kiss for days when you need to feel beautiful       

This beautiful vibrator is a gorgeous pink colour and has a well-placed butterfly to bring you to a delightful climax. Its penetrative aspect is firm. Firm enough for you  to grip onto during climax and intensify your orgasm.  Butterfly kiss has 30 functions and is waterproof so it is as durable as you are!

There are limited buttons for less confusion and ease to operate the butterfly kiss takes 2 AAA batteries to run.

Affordable Sex Toys
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Wild Fire: Average Joe, Dwayne the musician                                         

Who hasn’t wanted to bang a musician? Now is your chance. This dong is coloured, thick and warms as well as vibrates. The average joe range has several characters in the range and is amazingly versatile for whatever you’re looking for. This range has a remote and cord and requires batteries to operate!

Finally, Pipedream brings the real feel deluxe No. 8                                 

This product is a 7.5” vibrating wallbanging dong  for those of you into double penetration! This dong is super soft and bendy which can be difficult for inserting but those hard vibes will get you going! The main dong is thick and veiny the smaller dong could be bigger but a great toy for those starting in the double penetration world.

No matter your budget.

Your friendly team at Adultsmart store Kogarah can find you something to get your rocks off. Happy shopping! Get reading the 5 best ways sex toys can improve your sexual life and relationship.