What’s So Good About Fun Factory Stronic Real Pulsator II?

What’s So Good About Fun Factory Stronic Real Pulsator II?

I was an excited woman coming into work this morning to find the award winning brand Fun Factory sex toy sitting proudly on the desk. Its a real pulsator! Fun Factory Stronic Real Pulsator II is the latest and, in my opinion greatest product in this incredible line.

I must admit though that it was a bittersweet moment because, let’s face it, all I needed was another product to add to my ridiculously long wish list!  Fun Factory is a German sex toy company that make top quality, vibrant looking vibrators, pulsators, dildos, butt toys and masturbators. This Pulsator line has been out for some time. With the recently released Stronic G getting a great deal of applause for its new and improved design.

A Real Pulsator

Stronic Pulsators are suitable for those women who want to lay in bed and experience pleasure without having to do much at all. Thrusting back and forth motions of the Stronic Real are intense.

When using the Stronic Real, you can just lie back. Use your hand gently to keep in in place without any need to thrust. Due to the fact that they do everything on their own for you. I find with these toys that using a pillow in front of your vagina for the toy to sit on. This means that, apart from using your hand to gently guide it in the right direction, you don’t have to do anything.

Lay back and receive the juicy, pleasurable pulsations.

You can also use the Stronic Real externally against your clitoris rather than internally. Using a bit of lubricant, having it pulse back and forth against your clit before inserting it into your vagina can feel divine!!

Stronic Real is the first of Fun Factory’s pulsator’s that has a realistic penis shaped shaft.  It’s pronounced head looks amazing and provides pleasurable friction. Not too overwhelming in size which I think is important as being too girthy limits the movement of the pulsations.

Stronic Real is available in nude, pink or purple. So you can choose between the playful bright colours or the more classic nude.  If you’re one of those ladies who like as close to the real thing as possible then this toy is the way to go.

fun factory pulsators and sex toys


Body-safe silicone used on Fun Factory toys is high quality with a slight grab to it. If you are into the feel of silky smooth silicone then Fun Factory is not the brand for you. But if you’re looking for a textured, unique sensation then I think it’s incredible.

One thing I highly encourage people to use with these toys is a quality water based lubricant. Such as the Fun Factory Toy Fluid. It just makes for a more comfortable & pleasurable experience. Especially for those women who do not have much natural lubrication.  I have found it virtually impossible to use the Pulsators without plenty of lubricant.


On a single charge, you will get approximately 2 hours of use with the Stronic Real. Should be more than enough time to enjoy yourself several times over.  Fun Factory states the charging time is approximately 6-8 hours. Though I have heard on the grape vine that it is more like 16 hours.

This shouldn’t be a big deal if you can manage to do without your toy while you sleep. And during the day while you are at work. Its super easy to charge with the magnetic USB cord. Though it is important that it is placed somewhere where it will not be bumped off.

Fun Factory Stronic Real is completely waterproof

Makes it easy to clean thoroughly. I have attempted to use the Stronic Pulsators in the bath without much success. As these toys only seem to work well with lubrication.  So as much as it may be your thing. Stronic Real is not the greatest bath or shower companion.

A Real pulsator
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Some extra functions of the Fun Factory Stronic Real

Worth a special mention include a travel lock. No embarrassing airport suitcase investigations. And a low battery indicator (no painfully abrupt finishes to self-pleasuring time).  Quality of the Stronic Real is backed up by a 2 year manufacturing fault warranty.

Also worth another mentions is the warning on the box. I found it really interesting to notice the specific warning saying not to use the pulsator if you have a pacemaker. Due to the magnetic technology used in these toys. Definitely didn’t even cross my mind once before!!

Stronic Real is a discreet, simple and classy design

Along with the amazing pulsing function, makes for a toy worth investing in. Available at the best adult stores, I encourage you to head in and see for yourself what this Fun Factory toy has to offer.