What Are The Best Exercises To Increase Sexual Stamina?

What Are The Best Exercises To Increase Sexual Stamina?

When it comes to good sex, one of the factors that can contribute to an amazing, unforgettable experience is to Increase Sexual Stamina. But, what does that actually mean? Well, as we all know, stamina relates to one’s ability to sustain prolonged physical (or mental) effort. So, when we talk about sexual stamina, we are obviously talking about how one can last while having sex! In order to make sex a fantastic experience for the individuals involved, both must finish. And must have enough time to do so. Therefore, sexual stamina allows for that time to spend while maximising the pleasure!

Sure, even though sexual stamina is very important,. Not everyone knows how to achieve such high levels of this fantastic trait. How can one actually develop their sexual stamina? Well, the answer would be with some workouts that focus on such!

Today we will talk about some exercises that help improve sexual stamina. And why you should definitely get on to it right away!


You might be wondering why we are putting masturbation as the first entry on this list. Considering that it is most definitely not an exercise. But, hear us out for a second. Even though masturbation is not an exercise per se, it is a way to pleasure oneself. Therefore, it can also act as training for the future sexual sessions you will have with your partner or group of friends with benefits! By utilizing masturbation as a tool to exercise your sexual stamina, you are able to build endurance, thus increasing your sexual stamina!

Simple acts such as switching your dominant hand when masturbating, using sex toys. Or even switching up lubes can help immensely in achieving your best most optimal sexual stamina levels! Have a read of our good girls guide to masturbation techniques.

increase sexual stamina
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Kegels, Squats and Bridges

The pelvic floor is the part of your body that controls your genitals. Therefore, when you have a strong and firm pelvic floor, you are able to increase your sexual stamina immensely! Exercises such as kegels, squats and bridges are great when it comes to exercising your pelvic floor. So they become strong, firm and flexible muscles, very necessary for sexual interaction!

Squats, Lunges and Step-ups

We all know that people with good hip and knee movements tend to be a lot better at sex. And can last for a lot longer as well! Hips and knees that are strong, flexible and well developed tend to be amazing when it comes to sexual stamina. Because, naturally, when these muscles and areas are standing strong and firm, they can keep going before these areas start hurting, getting sore or just downright exhausted!

Exercises such as squats, lunges and step-ups can be quite beneficial when working the quads and hamstrings areas. Which are the areas and muscles that power your hips and knees.

Standing Hamstring Stretch and Plunge With Spinal Twist

To be able to have an outstanding sexual performance in the bedroom, it is of utmost importance that your body is loose, flexible. Because not only does that allow for a full range of motion that will help in bending. And the overall movement and positions that happen during sexual intercourse.

But it also helps when it comes to feeling comfortable as well! Exercises such as the standing hamstring stretch can help when it comes to working the neck (very important for oral sex), the back, glutes, hamstrings and calves.  Exercises such as the plunge with a spinal twist will help with the hip flexors (helping with delivering more powerful thrusts), quads and back!

Tongue Pull Back And Tongue Push-ups

Sex isn’t all about how hard you can thrust your hips into your partner or how deep you can arch your back. There is also the fantastic (and very pleasurable) art of oral sex. That is one that should definitely never be neglected! Believe it or not, breathing is a very important factor when it comes to giving amazing oral sex to your partner (or friends with benefits). Therefore, doing exercises that help with such can truly have amazing benefits!

Not only does knowing how to control your breath allows your muscles to receive more oxygen-rich blood. But it also relaxes the mind! A good way to increase your breathing is with tongue exercises because, after all, a strong and healthy tongue can definitely help when it comes to receiving oxygen!

Tongue pullbacks and tongue push-ups are amazing exercises that will, not only, help you when it comes to controlling your breath but, also, help develop your tongue into a very strong one which, will certainly have some very obvious benefits!

increase sexual stamina
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Other Important Mentions

So now that you know about the best exercises that can truly help with sexual stamina, you are totally ready to go and that is all that you need to focus on, right? Wrong! There is a lot more to it than just exercising. In order for you to truly maximise your sexual stamina, you must also consider some very important and crucial factors such as having a good healthy diet.

Watching what you eat

Can actually be very beneficial to developing a strong sexual stamina level. You must eat healthily and not just rely on fast food and stuff that is very fatty. Sure, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a burger here and there but, what is important is that you do not make that a habit because, as we all know by now, fast food and other overly processed foods can lead to severe health damages which, inevitably, will also impact your sexual stamina.


Other very important factors to consider are things such as never forgetting foreplay. Which can help to build up sexual tension between individuals). Using the right lubricants and enhancers that feel good and work as intended, implementing sexual toys into the mix and much more.

Overall, exercising is incredibly important when it comes to sexual stamina but, if you also consider diet, foreplay and other important factors, you will be on the right track to becoming a sex god or goddess that can last forever!