How to Have Al Fresco Fun With Outdoor Party Ideas for Adults

How to Have Al Fresco Fun With Outdoor Party Ideas for Adults

For those of you lucky enough to be born in the warm months when you can enjoy the outdoors, here are some Party Ideas for Adults.  You should totally take advantage of that fact when celebrating your birthday. Why have the same old boring party at a dim and dark bar when you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and have fun at the same time? Here are some fun ideas for how to celebrate your next birthday al fresco.

11 Outdoor Party Ideas for Adults

1. Backyard BBQ

Nothing says warm weather celebration like a backyard BBQ. Not to worry if you don’t have a backyard — many parks have picnic areas and pavilions you can rent out, complete with grills and picnic tables. All you need to do is bring your favorite foods to grill and plenty of beer to wash it all down.

2. Pool party

What better way to celebrate a summertime birthday than with a pool party? If you don’t have your own pool, see if you can host your pool party at a friend’s place. If that doesn’t work, see if you can book a cabana at a hotel pool for the festivities or a similar outdoor party venue. Depending on where you are located, there might even be some big DJ pool parties you can take advantage of.

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Pool Party

3. Garden tea party

Garden parties are not just for kids anymore. Celebrate your birthday with a grown-up tea party in the backyard garden or at a park. Serve an assortment of finger sandwiches, pastries, and other sweet treats, and wash them down with some champagne or adult iced tea, in addition to several different types of tea.

4. Hit the beach

If you live near the ocean, lake, or river, take advantage of that fact and celebrate your birthday at the beach. Bring some snacks and, if the beach allows it, your favorite adult beverages to enjoy on the sand. No need to call it quits when the sun goes down. Keep the celebration going and warm up around a beach bonfire.

5. Boat party

Another way to celebrate living near water is to have a party out on a boat. You can go all out on a booze cruise, or enjoy a more relaxed sailing. Boats come in all sizes so you can have an intimate celebration with your closest friends or a big bash with everyone you know. Some boat cruises also offer DJs or live entertainment as well.

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6. Brunch party

There’s no reason you have to wait until later in the day. Start your celebrations early at brunch — everyone’s favorite meal. Include both breakfast and lunch favorites, served along with Bloody Marys and bottomless mimosas with all sorts of juice pairings.

7. Go hiking

Really explore the outdoors by going on a hike. It can be an easy stroll around the park, or a serious hike with some elevation gain. Enjoy the fresh air and great company as you earn your celebratory views. Celebrate with a toast at the summit, and more rounds upon completion in honor of your achievement, and your birthday.

8. Amusement park

Enjoy a day of thrills and adrenaline by celebrating your birthday at an amusement park. Many cities have at least a small theme park or fair, but if you happen to live near one of the big amusement parks, you’ll have plenty of rides and entertainment to last all day. Just be careful with mixing alcohol and thrill rides together.

9. Winery or brewery tour

For a classy way to celebrate your birthday, go on a winery tour. Have someone be the designated driver, or better yet, rent a limo or party bus to take you around so everyone can partake and enjoy the celebration. If wine is not your thing, or you don’t live near any wineries, try a brewery tour instead and sample flights of beers to find your favorite brew.

10. Movie night

Grab the gang and head to the drive-in. Or, create your own al fresco movie theater in the backyard, with blankets, cushions, and a projector. It’s your birthday, so you get to pick the movie. Add some movie theater favorites, including a popcorn bar with different flavors and plenty of candy. Pair with your favorite adult beverages to celebrate.

11. Go camping

Camping is the ultimate way to enjoy the outdoors. For a birthday bash to remember, go luxe and glamp instead, with a yurt or an Airstream trailer. Either way, enjoy s’mores, snacks, and boozy drinks around the campfire before getting laid. If the skies are dark enough, gaze up in wonder at the stars and maybe even wish upon a falling star for your birthday wish.

Celebrate your birthday in the great outdoors

There are so many fun ways you can celebrate your birthday outdoors, as this article demonstrates. Depending on what you want to do, it can be as easy as enjoying the company of your friends in your backyard. Alternatively, you might want to host your celebration at a different venue.

There are plenty of great outdoor party venues that you can rent in that case. Whatever you decide, have a great time, and happy birthday! Maybe have a read of our good girl guide to best strippers Australia and hire for your next adult party!!