What Are 3 Stress Free Shortcuts To Sex?

What Are 3 Stress Free Shortcuts To Sex?

Sex is experienced throughout the world. Sometimes we just want Shortcuts To Sex or just increase sexual stamina. Just think about the beautiful and lovely sounds of the birds that you hear in the morning. Those beautiful sounds are often their mating calls to arouse other members of their species.

Now, think about the movements of a Peacock Spider which dances to put on a show to invite welcoming members of the opposite sex.  Hell, even butterflies do it! Sex literally is all around us.

Problem within a relationship that both genders experience is “Women are from mars and men are from Venus”. You know that famous quote that everyone has heard. This can be especially the case if we thoroughly examine the differences within a person’s sexual needs.

Shortcuts To Sex

Most women encounter a myriad of different triggers in their physiological drive for sex.

Women are driven by both physical, emotional and hormonal influences. For example, their levels of hormones like  estrogen can significantly change. This is often the case if they are pregnant. If they are experiencing different times of their menstrual cycle. Or whether they are going through menopause.

During these times, a woman’s body will let them when they are tired, run-down or hungry, And if they are in tune with their body it will also tell them when they have strong sexual desires.

Their long-term partner, will need to be in sync with these changes

And understand what their personal needs, desires and wants are to fulfill them. If a lover does not take into account the needs of their partner, their sexual lifestyle can quickly become dispassionate. They may then begin to feel disconnected from each other and the feelings of love can suddenly dissolve.

It is vital that both people within the relationship actively take their time to fulfill each other’s needs.  Challenge is to fulfill both sexual and emotional needs so that both people within a relationship achieve sexual satisfaction.

There are many reason why a lover would not be able to engage in sex.

Sometimes they are tired because they have not had enough sleep. Or they have had an extremely busy day where they have not been able to have a rest. They may also had a headache or be physically unwell.

Some other situations may include whether their lover is pregnant. Or they may also have a physical disability which does not allow them to easily fulfill their lover’s sexual needs.

Sexual wellness can be accomplished by fulfilling a person’s physical needs through different methods of masturbation. In this sense, sex doesn’t always have to be about passion.

Shortcuts To Sex
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Solo Masturbation

So, solo masturbation can be incredibly enjoyable and can be easily achieved. It is extremely easy because we know the best techniques and the methods to get our bodies off.  We know when we need to slow down, take a break or speed up the experience to build a long lasting orgasm. Or we can choose to have a climatic experience which is over in under 5 minutes.

No matter what you are in the mood for, you don’t need anyone else to help you out.

Mutual Masturbation

If your lover is willing, you can also engage in mutual masturbation. This may mean that your lover watches you masturbate as they masturbate by your side. It can be extremely visually stimulating.

This is a good method to use if you are in a newer relationship. And would like to learn the methods and techniques they personally use. Mutual masturbation is often forgotten about. If you have never done it, you are truly missing out on something amazing!

Mix Things Up

This can be done by creating different types of experiences throughout the week. One day you may want to divulge in some flavoured oral sex. Another day you may want to have a fun hand job or being fingered. Whilst another day you may want to spend some extra time preparing your surroundings for a romantic sexual encounter.

Sometimes if people try to focus to heavily on experiencing both physical and emotional needs at the one time. It can almost create an opposite effect where one area is experienced more than the other.

Mixing things up will make the experience fun, exciting and it will change your regular routine.  Best part of mixing things up is that you can add new experiences whenever you would like to. It also gives you an excuse to try something new that you have always wanted to.

A Happier and Stronger Sexual Relationship

I hope these techniques will help you have a happier and stronger sexual relationship with a lover or a long term lover. Always remember, you can participate in solo or mutual masturbation and mix things up.  It is important to understand that sex can be a mixture of fulfilling physical and emotional needs.

If you would like to learn more information, read a guide on what is sexual wellness.

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