What Is The Secret To Touch? Good Girl Guide Reveals All

What Is The Secret To Touch? Good Girl Guide Reveals All

There are different forms of communication and the Secret To Touch is one of them. It is often overlooked when engaging in sex. Touch is used to send non-verbal messages to other people. People are able to understand emotional cues from a person’s expressions on their face. To how they hold their posture to even the way in which a persons move their body when they are speaking.

A University of Pennsylvania study reported that 70% of communication is body language. Whilst the other 30% is a mixture of vocal tones, inflection and the words that are chosen.  It has been noted that words are managed by the thinking process of our brain. Whereas touch is immediately managed through the emotional process of our brain.

With this knowledge in mind, here are some tips to help build stronger relationships when you are engaging in sex by using touch.

A Secret to Touch – SOLER Method

Begin by approaching your lover with the SOLER method which is an acronym for Smile, Openness, Lean Forward, Eye Contact and Relax. These are the key words which you should think about when you are approaching a lover if you would like to make a move on them to engage in sex. Providing open and positive body language will help to higher your success rate.

Use Hand Gestures

Touch doesn’t have to be an extravagant thing. You can begin by adding some hand gestures when you are engaging in sex. For example, a kind and reassuring touch of their shoulder or hold their hand as you are changing sex positions. You could also offer a light touch on their cheek.  This will be enough to reassure them that everything is okay and that you care for them.

Kiss For Longer Periods Of Time

It is important to remember the times that lovers enjoyed kissing the most. It is often the moments when they have kissed for long periods of time with passion.  Try kissing for at least 15 to 20 seconds rather than short kisses.

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Hold Your Partner Tightly

When you are having sex, you are able to take your time and bring comfort to your lover by holding them tightly in your arms or by offering them a long hug. As you hug or hold each other as you engage in sex it will help both of your bodies to release a higher amounts of the hormone oxytocin. When Oxytocin is released it will help both people to bond, it will provide feelings of affection, commitment and elevates mood which will help build a stronger relationship.

Hugging will also relax the body

Which helps people relax into the moment. This is especially helpful if you have had a very stressful day and you are finding it hard to be in the moment. It also releases endorphins which are used to relieve feelings of pain. This is beneficial if you experience irritation during sex. It is recommended to hold your partner closely for at least 25 to 30 seconds. And if you do it for longer, you can receive even more benefits.

A great way to hug a partner during sex is to spoon them from behind as you penetrate them. You can also use a sex toy which will do all the work for you. As your lover uses the sex toy on herself or himself you can hug them. Which will make them feel more connected to the experience. If you are finding it hard to hold your partner tightly during sex, it is recommended to hug your partner after sex which can easily be done in bed.

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All Over Body Massage

One of the best ways to explore a lover’s body is to give them an all over body sensual massage in melbourne. You are able to buy lotions or massage oil which will provide a sleek and smooth layer to your lover’s body whilst you are giving a massage. To make the moment that much more special, you can light some candles. Play some music in the background this will help to create a romantic experience.

Take your time to explore their body.

You are able to work from the head down to the toes and remember to explore their erogenous zones. Massage them with slow movements of your hands. You can also learn 8 different methods of sexual massages. This will provide you with different techniques so every time you go to give them a massage it will bring a new experience.

Some massages may include a body to body massage, a penis massage, a vagina massage, a tantric massage, a prostate massage and a soapy massage.

If you are providing a lover with an all over body massage they are trusting you with their body to take care of them. Which will help both of you to build a stronger connection.

Lack of touch can also impact other areas of our lifestyles

This may be reflected in a person’s emotions through depression, anxiety, isolation, temper and intense feelings of loneliness. Touch is an extremely important part of sex. It can easily be maintained by offering hand gestures, hugs, kisses and massages for longer periods of time.

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