How Playing Pretend Can Make A Relationship Stronger?

How Playing Pretend Can Make A Relationship Stronger?

Is your relationship failing the maybe you should try Playing Pretend?  You need to take the appropriate action now. Unfortunately, way too many relationships fail because neither partner does not see what is happening right in front of their eyes. You should congratulate yourself since you made it this far. A first step to improvement is admitting there is a problem. There are several factors that contribute to relationship failure. These factors include poor finances, cheating, low libido, and lacking passion.

Playing pretend is not only fun but passionate and emotional. It brings excitement when relationships need it most.

What are the Benefits of Couples Playing Pretend?

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Get Physical

Playing dress-up allows couples to get physical. Instead of holding back, you can let go. Traditional sex does not always allow couples to exhibit physicality. When couples play pretend acting, they can open up as much as they like. In fact, some couples describe as nothing is off-limits when they pretend to be someone or something else. Check out our 3 easy peasy dirty talking tips.

playing pretend for better sex
Costumes to Play Pretend – Gandalf

Be More Open With Your Feelings

It cannot be stressed enough, playing pretend allows couples to share their feelings more openly. It is not unusual for one or both partners to hold their feelings back for one reason or another, even during intimacy. This can result in a lackluster performance that leaves both partners totally disappointed.

If you are tired of disappointing your partner, it may be time to bring in the VR sex toys.

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Be Imaginative

Are you tired of the same ole’ thing time and time again? If so, you may want to consider dress-up. What exactly is dress-up? It is similar to what children do when they don their mom’s stilettos, hat, or dress. There is not much difference when adults play pretend acting. Children and adults get to put their imagination to work.

Instead of being yourself, you can be Superman, Lois Lane, Madonna, Brad Pitt, or Johnny Depp. Be whoever you want to be for an hour or so. Can you imagine what fun you will have with your partner?

Let your imagination, all in the name fun.

Learn New Skills

When you are young and full of life, there is no holding you back. You will try just about anything at least once. The same thing can also be said about sex. Well, you do not need to quit just because you are a middle-aged adult. In fact, many people in their 40s and 50s have admitted to trying new things in the bedroom.

So, what is holding you back?

Playing pretend allows couples to build their sex skills. Instead of relying on missionary sex to fulfill your sexual desire, you can try more modern sex positions. Stand and deliver, face-off, the socket, the little dipper, the 69 bridge, and the waterfall are just to name a few.

Playing Pretend

Have you ever considered yourself to be a daredevil? Well, this is your opportunity to put your bravery to the test. Do not spring this on your partner. Experts recommend sitting down for a one-on-one discussion instead.