What Good Girls Love About Doxy Wands

What Good Girls Love About Doxy Wands

Sometimes being referred to as a ‘Sexpert’ this week I challenged myself to try toys that I am not overly familiar with like doxy wands. This week I was introduced to the Doxy wand. That’s right folks, I am not a huge fan of wands. Feel free to grab your pitch forks now. Doxy is a UK brand of body wands which launched in 2013. Doxy body wands claim via their website to be one of the most popular vibrating massagers on the market.

As your trusted ‘Sexpert’, I took a Doxy home to test their claims.

What is a Doxy Wand? 

Great Question! Like most wands the Doxy features a rounded head and a long handle. Head of wands can usually bend and flex with your body. Allowing the massager to fit your body’s natural contours and make it easy to maneuver it all over your body.  Doxy wand also has a power cord which connects to a power source, which is what gives your Doxy life.

What People Like About Doxy Wands

Wands in general are great because they are so versatile. Whether you’re using it for a deep muscle massage or personal sexual fulfilment you’ll notice the the deep, rumbly vibrations of the Doxy hit the spot like no-other massager or vibrator.

Cast from aluminium the weight and mechanism inside the Doxy’s head means it rolls and rumbles, rather than buzzes. It’s website states, “The powerful vibrations that penetrate deep into the body make the Doxy extraordinarily effective when used as a general body massager, or for intimate intentions.”

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Unpacking your Doxy and how the foxy Doxy looks…

My Doxy I tested come in an awesome zip carry case. Although, the case isn’t small it’s not really optimal for travelling with. It was sleek and grey in colour. Massager itself was silver with clear buttons the head of the vibe was black.  Overall look of the toy is fairly sturdy. Cord was a decent thickness so I could trust the cord would not bend and break.

Doxy Pros

  • Considering the size of the Doxy it is fairly quiet which is good for those seeking quieter but powerful toys.
  • Powerful toy, definitely more powerful than Hitachi!
  • Simple three button function: Power, up and down.

Doxy Cons

  • Large toy, bulky and not travel sized.
  • Cords! I am not a fan of corded toys, ever. (Although the cord is long for your playing pleasure!)
  • Porus PVC material, this means you are going to need to look after your toy really well to extend the life of the toy.  They can sometimes sweat oils and it ultimately damages the product.
  • Large price tag.
  • Not a water proof toy, the only wetness this toy likes is from you.
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Doxy The Magical

Wands haven’t always been my thing. As a Sexpert I do like to change things up, I often find wands too powerful for my liking. So for the purpose of my personal thoughts on this please bear in mind that I am not a huge fan of really powerful stimulation on the clitoris.

I think the toy is too large/heavy and I really hate toys with cords. But all that power cannot come from nowhere and you cannot get that rumble without a decent motor. A flexible head offers great coverage should you want to stimulate the vulva as well as the clitoris.

One of my favourite features of this was the fact there is minimal buttons.

You definitely will be more effective in achieving orgasms with less buttons to deal with. Lower the power the more rumbly the sensation. I preferred the low functions. But like previously mentioned I am not about that intense clit stimulation. Other reviews commented on how much they enjoyed the intensity.

This is for advanced users.

I wouldn’t be a toy I’d recommend to everyone. Preferably ones with lots of wand experience. This device is also not silent. But considering its size and the power it unleashes it is an acceptable amount of noise for the product.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a powerful piece of equipment and it was easy to see why so many people love their Doxy wands.

Orgasms come quickly and frequently and I am glad I’ve had the experience of Doxy and all it has to offer.  Owning a Doxy might become one of the 13 reasons to never fake an orgasm. While I won’t be jumping on to team wand any time soon (#TeamRabbit is where it’s at) I can see why women love their wands.  If you’re a fan of wands and an experienced toy user – you’ve got to try the Doxy out.

Thanks very much to Adultsmart for giving me the sample and run on down to one of their stores to grab yours today!