7 Popular Men’s Sex Toys That He Needs

7 Popular Men’s Sex Toys That He Needs

The popularity of Men’s Sex Toys has risen all around the world. In this day and age, the rise of sex toy popularity has been due to the fact that many people have extremely busy lifestyles. With almost no time for themselves, let alone sex and sexual pleasure.

In order to fill in this gap people use sex toys as they are easily accessible. They are made to stimulate certain erogenous zones. And can help people reach orgasm quickly.  A large range of adult lifestyle products that are available is truly mind boggling considering that there are well over 40 different categories.

This is a guide to the 7 most popular types of men’s sex toys.

7 Popular Types Of Men’s Sex Toys

1. Men’s Masturbator

Men’s masturbators and fleshlights are designed with a texture tunnel that replicates the feeling of realistic sex. They are also often directly moulded from a porn star or famous celebrity. Which gives it a realistic appearance whilst some are also hand painted. It is extremely common to finds men’s masturbators made from a material like CyberSkin. This is a silicone mix that feels soft and lifelike. You could make every month masturbation month with one of these sex toys.

types of mens sex toys and how to use them
Blog: Types of Mens Sex Toys

2. Sex Dolls

These are life-sized versions of men’s masturbators but they have more features.  Rather than holding a men’s masturbator in your hands, a Sex Doll will provide a man something which they are able to grab onto.

Since Sex Dolls are made to look like a natural woman or man they are also visually stimulating. This can help men reach orgasms quicker and easier. Some features that a Sex Doll has includes aesthetically appealing body parts, hand painted designs, vaginal, anal or oral tunnels that are ribbed. Bullet vibrators for additional stimulation. Some Sex Doll’s even heat up.

If you would like to learn more information, read the beginners sexdoll guide

3. Prostate Massagers

There are massagers that are available that stimulate a man’s prostate.  A prostate is located in the middle of the bladder and the penis. Its purpose is to provide necessary nutrients to the sperm. And it also acts as around 65% of the liquid which make up sperm when it is ejaculated during orgasm.

Benefits of receiving a prostate massage includes the increase of blood flow which can lead to stronger erections that last longer. Prostate massages can lower the chance of painful ejaculation. Stimulation can also lead to powerful orgasms. Prostate Massagers are ergonomically designed to find and stimulate the erogenous zone.

They are available with different features including vibration, shaft rotation, massage beads and perineum stimulation.

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A Life like Sex doll

4. Cock Rings

These are used by men who wish to last longer in the bedroom. Cock Rings help by increasing the blood flow within the penis. Which allows the erection to become as strong and as big as possible. They are an amazing sex toy and can be used during couple’s sex or for solo masturbation.

If you are planning on using it during couples sex, you can buy a vibrating cock ring. This has a bullet vibrator that is used for clitoral or testicle stimulation.

5. Penis Sleeves And Extensions

Used to increase the length and girth of the penis. They are used during couples sex to enhance the pleasurable stimulations their lover receives. Penis Sleeves and Extensions have various features including textured outsides, a textured tunnel. And a testicle strap which helps to prolong the length of his orgasm.

7. Penis Pumps

These are used to naturally increase size of the penis. This is beneficial for people who are insecure about their size or for people who experience issues with erectile dysfunction. It is great for men who want something which is not surgically invasive and the effects do not last a long time.

There are many companies who make Penis Pumps including Doc Johnson, Adam & Eve, Hydromax Bathmate, Pipedream Products and XR Brands. Penis Pumps can also be used in conjunction with a cock ring.

Online Sex Toy Stores

With online sex toy stores like Adultsmart, you can shop from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

You can look at thousands of products at the one time, read their descriptions and find out which products best work for your needs and desires. Best part about shopping online is that you are able to find discount codes and deals which you will not be able to find elsewhere.  You also do not need to fear meeting someone that you know by chance since you are not visiting a physical sex toy shop in person.

Entire process is carefully shrouded in anonymity, even when you place an order the delivery package is wrapped inconspicuously. So that it doesn’t attract attention! Another plus of buying from an online sex toy store is that you can choose the products with your lover by your side. Which can make the purchase more meaningful. Once you receive the newly purchased sex toys, you will both be able to reach higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

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