12 Year Old Suspended For Selling Sex Toys

12 Year Old Suspended For Selling Sex Toys

In the school yard of Trinity Lutheran School in Winconsin, a 12 year old named Frances was suspended for Selling Sex Toys, ‘a devious range’. In the middle of a basketball game, the school’s principal pulled her a side in front of her peers and scolded her.

This incident had left everyone extremely confused especially Frances. As she had permission from her home room teacher to sell “Water Snake Wigglies” to make profit from her friends at school. Incident had left Frances in tears.  Frances had learned that the Water Snake Wigglies were helpful for kids who have autism.

Frances said to TMJ4 “It just calms you when you touch it. You squeeze it, it’s cold, and it’s hard to hold sometimes.”

Selling Sex Toys

This principal had suspended Frances for three days. Even though the principal was told that they were Water Snake Wigglies that are played with to relieve stress, it did not change the decision to suspend Frances. Frances had also received permission from her home room teacher to sell them.

Her father Milt Halbeck said “In your wildest imaginations, no adult could possibly view this as a sex toy. This is a water-filled bag.” And “The spirituality of that place is busted.”

Selling Sex Toys
Photo: Water Snake Wigglies

Sex Toy Age Restriction Laws

To top that off, when buying a sex toy there is an age restriction so it highly doubtful that a 12 year old would be able to access such a large quantity of sex toys.  Someone has to be of 18 years or older to gain the right to buy sex toys from a shop.

When you walk into a retail sex toy shop there are signs placed up in entryways like “WARNING – Adults Only!“. They are there so that people who are younger are notified that they are not allowed entry to find out what is inside. Allowing a minor into a retail sex toy shop can cause an organisation to be fined up to $20,000 in damages.

Items within retail sex toy shops are not visible from street view. So people can freely walk inside without having to be worried about who will see them when they are shopping. It is also common to find that within retail sex toy shop depending on what suburb you are in the local council or local government. Requires the Porn DVD section to be placed in a curtained off area so that people can choose to view them.

Sex Toy Benefits

In the long run Sex Toys have many benefits.

Sex Toys Do All The Work For You

They make your sexual lifestyle easier especially if you have had a long day or are tired. You can use a sex toy for solo masturbation or foreplay during couples sex to set the mood.

Sex Toy Can Make Masturbation More Enjoyable

They can provide feelings of deep vibrations and pulsation that permeated throughout their erogenous zones. A person is unable to naturally create some of these feelings.

Sex Toys Are Used To Promote Sexual Health

Often used to aid women who experience tension and tightness in their vaginas which can make penetrative sex feel quite painful. Sex Toys can help to strengthen and improve the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles. The Mayo Clinic describes what Is normal and what is not in vaginal health.

buying a new sex toy
Guide to Buying a New Sex Toy

Sex Toys Help Men Who Have Erectile Dysfunction

Men are able to buy delay and excite sprays in order to help them perform better in bed. They can also use masturbators to train their bodies to get used of the feeling of penetrative sex.

Sex Toys Make Things Fun

There is a wide selection of sex toys to choose from. You are able to use a different sex toy for each new day.

  • On Monday you can use Rabbit Vibrators for clitoral and g-spot masturbation.
  • Tuesday you can use a Warming Vibrator which will heat things up for temperature play.
  • On Wednesday you can use a Bullet Vibrator to give you an intent clitoral orgasm.
  • Thursday you can use a Pulsating Sex Toy for when you would like to feel some lifelike penetrative sex.
  • On Friday you can use a Butt Plug which will free up your hands for some additional pleasure.
  • Saturday you can use a Realistic Dildo which has all the natural curves and textures of a lifelike penis.
  • On Sunday you can use Love Eggs for when you would like to insert something for an all-rounder orgasm.

Sex Toys Are Visually Stimulating

They are no longer dull or boring. Most Sex Toys are ergonomically designed to be used with the body so they are used comfortably for pinpoint stimulation. They are available in a wide range of colours and materials. So you will be able to find something which suits your interests.

Want to know more? read our article on 5 best ways sex toys can improve your sexual life and relationship.

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