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You are probably asking what is BDSM? BDSM is an acronym which stands for Bondage and Discipline/Dominance and Submission/Sado-Masochism. It involves couples role playing out their fetishes, kinks and fantasies in a safe environment between consenting adults. It primarily focuses on a lover giving up their control whilst the other takes charge of the situation. People who participate in BDSM find that they are able to explore their sexuality in a sex-positive environment and community. Here are some interesting fact about BDSM:

Non-Sexual BDSM

Some people who enjoy BDSM participate in it as a completely non-sexual experience. For some people who experience non-sexual BDSM they do not have to be romantically or physically attracted to their Dom. They may view the experience as an opportunity to participate in sensory play or temperature play. The Dom may choose to use adult lifestyle products likes Japanese Dripping Candles which provides the submissive with warming sensations along their body, bondage rope restraints like Shibari which may provide their submissive with a feeling of safety and security, using ice cubes on a person’s body to feel sensations of the cold and much more. Experiencing non-sexual BDSM may bring new feelings of trust to the people who are participating in an intimate moment. Non-sexual BDSM should be carefully planned out in the same way that sexual BDSM is planned with Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

Lovers Switching Between Roles

Although we watch movies and read books like Fifty Shades of Grey where one character takes up the role of a Dominant whilst the other takes up a role as a Submissive but did you know that there are people who enjoy switching between roles? For example, a lover who was being a Submissive can become a Dominant depending on what they feel like and on what their lover agrees to. You don’t need to be stuck within one role if that is not what you want to do.

Isn’t The Dominant Always In Control Of The Scene?

Contrary to popular belief it is a misconception that in BDSM it is all up to the Dominant to create the scene. Again, nothing could be further from the truth. Boundaries are set between lovers, safe words are given and there is much effort taken by the Dominant to ensure that ‘the contract’ is never breached. The dominant must ensure at all times that he or she never gets carried away with the scene, the Dominant must always follow the strict rules that are provided and is responsible for the safety of the Submissive.

Participating IN BDSM Builds Trust

Well here is an interesting fact, couples that participate in BDSM play are less likely to divorce/separate. Experts have come up with a multitude of reasons but my personal opinion is that it builds TRUST within a relationship.  In order to participate in this sort of play you must put total trust in your lover – if you do not it will be a terrible and a scary experience.  Imagine if you did not trust your Dom and then you were put into total sight deprivation. You would be completely scared, it will be a sexual turn off and you would probably never want to participate in sight deprivation again.

BDSM Gear And Wear

With BDSM play there is a whole plethora of gear, wear and sex toys that can be incorporated into the scene. Whether you are after surgical steel sex toys like chastity devices, penis plugs, collars, cuffs, hangers and speculums or quality leather gear like masks, hoods, blindfolds, ties, gags, restraints, harnesses and cock rings – Hell’s Couture will have something for you! Whether you are looking for an importer, distributor or retailer of a line of products one of the most important aspects is that they have a variety of choice and provide high quality products which can last you a lifetime if you take good care of them. Hell’s Couture has become one of the largest importers and suppliers of bondage and fetish wear.  Hell’s Couture sources products from around the globe and are available at a multitude of retail outlets.

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