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This article looks into a variety of ways a person can boost their sexual confidence to gain the skills and techniques needed to become a sex goddess! Read this list so you never have to fake an orgasm again!

Learn About Your Body

Read information on blogs, websites and books on how your body works, the sexual response cycle and where to find your erogenous zones. You can also watch adult movies that are dedicated to teaching beginner’s sex positions and techniques that will help to enhance your sexual lifestyle. Watching adult movies can help you see how sex works.

Learn How To Please Yourself

Set some personal time a side each week so that you are able to sexually take care of yourself. You can begin by exploring how to really please your body by finding the grafenberg spot, the a-spot and the u-spot.

Invest In Sex Toys

Invest in sex toys that will help to bring you to orgasm. There is a wide variety of sex toys that are made for different experiences. For example, you can buy a vibrator made for pinpoint stimulation or a bullet vibrator made for external clitoris stimulation.

Before You Have Sex Have An Open Conversation With Your Lover About What You Love In Bed

Letting your lover know what turns you on and what you enjoy can make your sexual experience easier. This means you don’t have to guess what they like and you can perform their favourite techniques.

If You Look Good You Will Feel Good

Buy luxury or designer lingerie that will make you feel sexy. If you feel sexy you will find yourself becoming more confident within your interactions and this will make you feel better overall.

Try Dressing Up In A Costume

You can become a naughty teacher who wants to teach their lover a lesson, a police officer who locks up naughty lovers or a sexy witch who will cast a spell to get what she wants. Using costumes to roleplay different scenes will help to explore sex with imagination. Dressing up may also be just what you need to begin talking dirty.

Talk Dirty

Talk Dirty to your lover when she or he least expects it. For example, when you are grocery shopping or when you are going out to breakfast you can whisper to them what you want to do when they get home. It will set the mood and leave them in anticipation until you get home!

Set The Mood

Put some relaxing meditative music on if you become easily distracted and light a candle to set the mood. Setting the mood can bring out different aspects of your personality and help to transform the environment into something for intimate and relaxing.

Invest More Time In Foreplay

The more time that is spent in foreplay can help to naturally prepare your body for sex with lubrication. Foreplay can also be a very intimate experience which brings both people closer together.

Try New Sex Positions

Sometimes you really need to step outside your boundaries and try a new sex position. You know that sex position that you have always wanted to try but never had gotten around to it? Just give it a whirl and see how you go. Different sex position works with different body types, so you’ll never know if you don’t try. If you are looking for more ideas why not read a book on Kama Sutra.

Understand That Sex Is Unpredictable

People watch a lot of movies and television shows that show them what sex may look like but in reality our bodies may not respond how we wish they would, someone had used to much lube which made things really messy or halfway through sex someone remembers you have to take something out of the oven! These are just normal parts of life that occur but it is not what happens that matters but how you deal with the problem that is important. If you accidentally use too much lube, take your time to recuperate, use a tissue to wipe some away and try again.

Be In The Moment

If you find that your thoughts are constantly drifting bring yourself back into what is currently happening within the moment. Sometimes people can be worried about whether their partner is enjoying sex, if they are performing correctly or whether they can bring their partner to orgasm. Constantly thinking about problems can in turn take your energy away from performing to your maximum abilities. Instead focus all your energy into the experience and how it feels rather than focusing on an outcome.If you are struggling to think within the moment you can learn how to meditate.

Never Fake An Orgasm!

If you fake an orgasm you will give your lover confidence to keep on performing the same methods to get you the same results. If you are open and honest with your feedback, it will give them a reason to try new techniques to find what really works.




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